NYU Dining offers a broad menu of meal plan options, listed below. For complete descriptions and terms of use, browse the NYU Dining Guide; the most recent version can be accessed on our Dining On Campus homepage.

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First-Year, Visiting and Transfer Students

To get the most out of the first-year experience and build a sense of community, NYU requires all first-year, transfer and visiting students, irrespective of academic status, living in residence halls to participate in an NYU Dining Meal Plan. If living on campus, you will automatically be assigned an NYU Meal Plan that can be adjusted after you receive your official housing assignment. 

First year, visiting and transfer students living in Brittany, Founders, Goddard, Lipton, Rubin, and Weinstein Halls — also known as "traditional style residence halls" — must begin each semester with a minimum of 225 meals, that is a 225 Flex plan or higher.

First year, visiting and transfer students living in apartment style residence halls must begin each semester with a minimum of 120 meals and must purchase the 120 Flex plan or higher.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Upperclassmen students in Alumni, Broome, Carlyle Court, Coral Tower, Gramercy Green, Greenhouse, Greenwich, Lafayette, Palladium, Second Street, Senior House, Third Avenue North, University Hall, Stuyvesant Town, and Washington Square Village — known as "apartment style halls" equipped with kitchens may choose not to participate in the meal plan program. These same options apply to upperclassmen living off campus.

FALL 2019 Washington Square Meal Plans*        
Plan Name Meals Per Semester Meals Per Week Dining Dollars Proposed* Cost Per Semester
300 Flex PLUS
300 Max

19 $250

300 Flex  300 Max 19 $150 $2,876
225 Flex PLUS 225 Max

14 $300


225 Flex**
225 Max

14 $200


175 Flex PLUS 
175 Max

11 $400

175 Flex

175 Max

11 $300


120 Flex PLUS 120 Max

8 $500


120 Flex***  120 Max

8 $400

95 Flex PLUS

95 Max

6 $375


95 Flex 

95 Max

6 $275


*Meal Plan prices subject to change.

**225 Flex: Minimum requirement all first year (including transfer) students living in traditional style residence halls.

***120 Flex: Minimum requirement for all first-year (including transfer) students living in apartment style residence halls.

Meals Per Week column shows an average calculated based dining days per semester.