No Cost Meal Offerings

NYU Courtesy Meal Program: Visit the Courtesy Meal webpage for more information.

Swipe it Forward:  Created in cooperation with the Student Government Assembly (SGA), Swipe it Forward is a program that allows students to donate their unused meal swipes to other students in need. Visit the Swipe It Forward webpage for more information.

Low-cost and Value Programs

NYU Eats Dining Deals: Affordable $4 and $7 Dining Deals are available at NYU dining locations.

Ongoing Education and Outreach

Virtual/In Person Teaching Kitchens: Every month, NYU Eats conducts cooking classes that allow students to explore food, culinary, and nutrition literacy to positively impact their food choices. Simple recipes are used so students can prepare on their own. For upcoming dates visit the NYU Eats events webpage.

Free Nutritional Counseling Sessions: NYU Eats campus dietitian will offer sessions that counsel students on budgeting and grocery shopping, maximizing nutrient intake, special diets, disease management, etc. To learn more, email:

Wellness Videos: Address affordability, meal planning, and basic cooking skills. Topics include Protein Flip, Maximizing Flavor while Reducing Environmental Impact, DIY Grain Bowls, Reducing Food Waste, World Food Day, Plant-forward Low-Cost Cooking, etc. Videos can be found on the NYU Eats YouTube page.

Farmers Market: A selection of fresh produce is delivered to NYU by eight local farm partners in the New York area. Students can pay for a bag full of produce using a meal plan swipe, dining dollars or credit. For upcoming dates visit the NYU Eats events webpage.