NYU Dining provides Certified Halal meals at three locations across campus: Lipton Hall, Kimmel Market Place and Jasper Kane Cafe.

Halal at NYU Washington Square

• NYU Eats at Lipton:

NYU Eats at Lipton is certified at the highest level of Halal certification through Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA). Additionally, Lipton has an on-site Halal supervisor who oversees all compliance elements to maintain the HFSAA certification. The supervisor has been vetted by HFSAA and meets the responsibilities of delivering a certified Halal program.

• Marketplace at Kimmel:

A dedicated food station features certified Halal lunch and dinner meals.

 Halal at NYU Brooklyn

Jasper Kane Cafe:

Jasper Kane Cafe features a dedicated station HFSAA certified.


What is a Halal Diet?

A Halal diet consists of cuisines of every kind so long as the ingredients utilized follow Islamic dietary guidelines. The overall purpose is to provide a well-balanced, wholesome eating lifestyle that understands the relationship between spiritual growth and food consumption.

Some of the main guidelines followed in a Halal diet:

• no pork or pork by products

• no blood, alcohol, or items cooked with alcohol

• butchering of animals that includes hand-slaughtering

What is the Halal Certification Program?

Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA) Halal Certification Program is a process to provide assurance that the food you have been served has been thoroughly vetted to meet a high standard of Halal. HFSAA Standards require the following:

· The entire facility to be ritually cleansed and tested to confirm that there are no traces of porcine, alcohol, and other prohibited products remaining.

· Every product used to prepare meals to be thoroughly vetted by our team to be free of any prohibited ingredients.

· The HFSAA staff conducts regular audits to ensure that the facility is staying in adherence to HFSAA's standards, to train and educate employees, and to answer any questions.

Questions about the Halal program? Please contact AskCampusServices@nyu.edu or 212-998-4900.