Wasserman has a wide variety of resources available to support you in your career development. Browse our list below and find the resources that are most applicable to the stage you are at currently in your career journey.

*Please note that a Handshake/NYU login is required in order to access many of these resources.


Find What's Out There

Career Explorer is an interactive 30 minute assessment that matches you to their current database of over 800 careers. 

Vault provides in-depth information on what it’s like to work within an industry, company, or profession and how to position yourself to launch and build the career you want. 

Violet Ready: Skills for Success Beyond NYU allows you to explore top skills employers seek. Review and assess your current skills, choose what to develop, and follow the strategies for some ideas.

NYU Wasserman Blog for all the career tips, employer advice and student stories!

Job Search Guides

Industry Guides help you gather information about many professional industries to better understand specific roles.

Interstride is the #1 way international students find jobs, immigration support, and network Designed for international students, by former international students.

GoinGlobal provides Global Career guides broken down by country and include an H1B database for international students seeking jobs in the U.S. with companies who have sponsored H1B visas in the past.

Job Search Strategy for Seniors Guide includes steps to help Undergraduate Seniors move forward in their job search.

Job Search Guide for Graduate Students includes steps to help Masters and Doctoral students move forward in their job search.


Refine Your Documents

Resume Guide & Samples provides guidance on how to highlight the competencies you have developed through your experiences.

Cover Letter Guide & Samples helps you understand how to showcase the skills and experience needed for a future position.

Wasserman Online Career Modules provide access to exciting virtual content that can help you become career-ready anytime, anywhere. 

Wasserman Career Readiness Course is an asynchronous series of lessons that incorporate reflection questions and interactive activities around career development topics.

Violet Ready Career Toolbox (Undergrad Only) exposes you to a series of career development lessons designed to teach the most important components of any job or internship search: Resume Basics, Cover Letter Basics and Interview Basics.

Build Your Experience

NYU Skills Badging Program is a rewards program that recognizes students’ success and provides easy access to skill building.

Experiential Learning are opportunities that exist across and beyond NYU so you can develop your skills and gain experience outside of the classroom.

Parker Dewey exposes you to short-term paid projects that range from 5-40 hrs. Get paid, build skills, create connections.

Forage provides you with on-demand projects and work simulation experiences from well known companies. 


Practice Communicating with Employers

Interviewing Guide lets you know about common interview questions and general expectations in the process, as well as how to effectively position yourself to employers as an enthusiastic, qualified candidate.

Big Interview helps you gain interviewing tips as well as practice virtual mock interviews with AI feedback 24/7. 

HireVue allows you to practice select interview questions and get used to the HireVue platform which many companies use as a first round for virtual interviews. 

Technical Interview Guide is used for jobs in computing, specifically software engineer and web developer positions. 

CaseCoach is a market-leading toolkit preparing you for all aspects of case interviews, common in consulting.

Expand Your Network

Violet Network is our professional networking and mentorship platform. Expand your network and connect with students and alumni who can provide valuable insights to support you in your professional journey. 

Networking Guide addresses the importance of building your network to gather information, perfect your self-presentation, and gain valuable connections. Learn how to maintain valuable professional relationships throughout your career.

Creating a Personal Pitch prepares you to create your “your personal brand” to employers.