Skills for Success Beyond NYU

Below are some of the top skills employers seek in candidates and strategies on how you can develop them to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you are interning, working remotely, taking a course, or volunteering in your neighborhood, here are some ways to build your skills. Review and assess your current skills, choose what to develop, and follow the strategies below for some ideas.

Explore a skill to get started today!

How to Navigate this page:

  • Read through the definitions of the 10 violet ready skills.
  • If you are interested in growing one or multiple skills, click the expandable button below the skill to learn how you can build this skill during your time at NYU or beyond.

After You Developed these Skills:

  • Incorporate these skills and accomplishments into your resume and upcoming interview talking points
  • Start building additional skills specific to your industry (ex. Digital technologies)
  • Check out NYU’s Career Development Process, Explore - Prepare - Connect, to see what stage you are at and advance to the next stage this summer