Skills for Success Beyond NYU

Below are some of the top skills employers seek in candidates and strategies on how you can develop them to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you are interning, working remotely, taking a course, or volunteering in your neighborhood, here are some ways to build your skills this summer. Review and assess your current skills, choose what to develop, and follow the strategies below for some ideas.

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The Wasserman Center acknowledges that some of the skills mentioned below, namely "Professionalism" is rooted in White, western, and heteronormative workplace expectations, and therefore, may be harmful and not inclusive of the experiences of BIPOC and other marginalized communities. To this end, we strived to offer inclusive, competency-based examples of these skills in action. We’ve included resources that discuss the bias that may manifest in the workplace around professionalism. This acknowledgment is temporary as we work to update our language.

After You Developed these Skills:

  • Incorporate these skills and accomplishments into your resume and upcoming interview talking points
  • Start building additional skills specific to your industry (ex. Digital technologies)
  • Check out NYU’s Career Development Process, Explore - Prepare - Connect, to see what stage you are at and advance to the next stage this summer


Articulate ideas clearly and effectively, verbally and in writing.


Identify your values, interests, skills, strengths, and growth areas.



Inform future decisions by reflecting on past experiences.

  • Research your top five employers of choice by reviewing the company website to research their industry, culture, and jobs posted. Reflect on what qualifications you meet and note areas to continue developing
  • Watch a TED Talk, describe your connection to it, create a goal, and act on it
  • Start a journal or blog and keep notes about your summer (what you learned, what you want to learn, interests, passions, questions, what’s next?)

Build professional connections and share industry information for mutual benefit.


Build strategic partnerships and work together towards common goals.


Develop a positive reputation by demonstrating competence, respect, and integrity in the workplace.

Career Awareness

Expand knowledge of career options, what’s required to both secure and be successful in potential jobs.

  • Explore industry guides on Firsthand to learn about industry trends and job information
  • Advance your technical skills for certain careers through free Linkedin Learning courses
  • Create a Skills Matrix for a job or internship you’re interested in working towards applying for in the future
  • Review the Career Assessment module on the Wasserman online career modules to understand career decision-making, identify interests, and assess skills
Internship and Job Search

Learn and apply the necessary steps to secure professional opportunities.

Intercultural & Global Fluency

Value diversity and apply cultural awareness across relationships and environments.


Work with others to set direction, create alignment, build commitment and achieve positive results.