Mentor Network

The Wasserman Center's Mentor Network helps NYU students explore careers by providing access to alumni and other professionals who have an interest in supporting students in gaining valuable information about industries and potential careers. This can be in the form of informational interviews, phone/Skype appointments, job shadowing, or e-mail exchanges. The Mentor Network is an informational tool to help students learn about jobs, organizations, or areas of interest to them.

Mentoring Options

The program is adaptable to the needs of individual participants. The extent of time contributed by mentors is dependent on their availability and chosen level of participation. Mentors are available for one or more of the following options:

Informational Interview

Students meet with a mentor to discuss his/her occupation, roles, job functions, and obtain career advice and strategies

Job Shadowing

Students spend a day or a few hours observing the mentor's daily work routine, gaining a "real work setting" perspective on a potential career.

Phone/Email/Skype Contact

Students may reach out to a mentor and request answers to career-related questions via email, phone or skype.

Get Involved with the Mentor Network

Visit the Wasserman Center during drop-in hours to access the Mentor Network and connect with a mentor in your area of interest. A career coach will briefly go over protocols, policies and the steps to utilize our Mentor Network. The Mentor Network is accessible through a searchable online database in NYU CareerNet.

Violet Network

The Wasserman Center's Violet Network is a mentorship 2016-2017 pilot program that will pair selected sophomores and juniors studying in New York during the full academic year with experienced alumni from different industries, organizations, experiences and backgrounds. Students and mentors will be matched based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) industry or functional area, potential career path, academic discipline and interests. Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2016-2017 program.


Join the NYU Wasserman Center Student & Alumni Career Connections LinkedIn group to connect with NYU alumni and professionals in your area of interest. Once given access to the group, students can utilize it in order to find alumni they are interested in connecting with. Students can also search for alumni via LinkedIn University Pages or LinkedIn Advanced Search. 


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