One of the most important parts of the job and internship search process is the interview. This is your opportunity to communicate your interest in the organization and discuss your skills and experiences as they relate to the position.


Interviewing can be an anxiety-provoking experience for many people, but it is actually nothing more than a mutual exchange of information. This is your opportunity to learn about the job and the employer, as much as it is their opportunity to learn about you. Viewing the interview as a conversation, rather than as an interrogation, can help to put you at ease. It also helps to remember that the interviewer was once in your shoes and therefore can empathize with how you may be feeling.

Interviewing Resources:



Networking is a process through which we develop and maintain relationships with professionals in order to solicit information, advice and referrals that will facilitate the job search. It will be one of your most valuable job search tools. Maintain a list of people with whom you are in contact, including peers, relatives, professors, and past employers. This may open up many avenues for information that can lead to job openings.

Networking Resources:

  • Review our Networking Guide (To view this document you must be logged into your NYU Home / Google account with your NYU Net ID and password.)
  • Connect with NYU alumni by joining the Wasserman Center LinkedIn group
  • Attend networking events