Entering college is the fulfillment of a dream for both you and your child. With the college decision process completed, now comes the challenge for your child to decide on a career path. Encouraging your child to participate in campus activities, to explore interests outside of class, and to actively engage in the career planning process at the Wasserman Center can help in choosing a career path.

Career Planning

We recommend a proactive approach to your child’s career planning. A career coaching appointment during freshman year can help your student become acquainted with the various services we offer and with all the elements of career planning and job hunting. During a career coaching appointment, we can:

  • Explore the student's career interests and goals
  • Explain how to use office services
  • Assist with writing and revising a resume and cover letter
  • Practice interviewing skills or conduct a mock interview
  • Discuss relevant events and career-related opportunities
  • Help the student design a career planning strategy
  • Improve the students awareness of career options and increase his or her knowledge of the world of work

How You Can Help

Become aware of the factors involved in career planning and share them with your student. This is an individual process. Respecting your student's unique combination of interests, abilities, and values can go a long way toward helping them make some important career decisions. With support from both their parents and the Wasserman Center, students will be better able to find genuine career satisfaction in the future.

Fraudulent Job Postings

Please note, career centers across the country experience an increase in fraudulent job postings during the beginning of the school year. While the Wasserman Center makes every effort to screen employers and job postings on Handshake, we ask that you please talk with your student about not providing money to unknown entities. If your student receives a suspicious email or phone message from an employer, it is extremely important to exercise caution.

"Wasserman is an exceptional career center because of the extensive variety of services it offers to students. NYU Wasserman provides students at all stages of their career the help they need." —Sarah, Junior, CAS