The Wasserman Center is excited to launch a brand new photo booth at their Union Square location. Get your headshot taken in just a few quick minutes. Need business attire? Jackets are available.

headshot booth

career closet

Headshot Photo Booth Directions

  1. Visit the Wasserman Center USQ Location (133 East 13th Street, Palladium 2nd Floor). Booth is open anytime Wasserman is open
  2. Check in for the photo booth on the ipad at the front desk.
  3. Pose for your headshots.
  4. Edit your photos.
  5. Receive your professional quality photos direct to your email.
  6. Share your photo on your Handshake, LinkedIn or Violet Network profile!

Career Closet Directions

  1. Bring your NYU ID to the Wasserman Center USQ front desk staff and ask to borrow a business jacket from the closet. 
  2. Choose your preferred jacket, and share with the front desk which jacket number you are using. The front desk will collect your NYU ID as well as jacket ticket number.
  3. Return the jacket to the front desk to receive back your ID, before you leave Wasserman. Notify the front desk of any damage to the attire you might notice. 

Note: Jackets are gender and size inclusive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


PLEASE NOTE: By using the Wasserman headshot photo booth, NYU and Iris Booth have access to your email address and all photos taken.

The photo booth is a first come first served self-service concept, but Wasserman staff are always available to offer assistance as needed.  If a student needs an accommodation for their headshots, they can contact to schedule an individualized session.  

Clothing Closet Policy

Attire in the closet can be used anytime the Wasserman center is open while physically at the Wasserman Union Square location. Examples might include borrowing a jacket for taking a headshot in the photo booth, for a virtual interview in one of the interview rooms, during employer events like information sessions or other events while the office is open. Attire availability is first come first served. The attire must be returned to the front desk before you leave Wasserman.