Policy Updates

Please review the policy below for student employment during this period of remote instruction.

Remote Resources:


  • All students may work remotely if feasible. Supervisors should work with their student employees to determine if the duties they perform are feasible for telework. Given the extraordinary nature of the current situation, they should not penalize students if they cannot work during this time of remote instruction.
  • FWS students must be residing in the U.S. to partcipate in telework.
  • All students will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours through the end of the spring semester (May 19th), unless their appointment was planned to end sooner, regardless of whether they are able to telework.
  • If your students were engaged in project work that did not involve a regular schedule, use the budget you developed for their project as a measure of how much you can commit to paying them for the duration of the semester.


  • Many students depend on their campus jobs to make their education more affordable and to cover basic necessities. Continuing to compensate them at this time is part of our effort to ensure their financial wellbeing.


  • Supervisors must have a plan for overseeing remote work for students and ensure they keep any sensitive data or documents secure while working remotely.
  • Student supervisors must enter an "In Time" and an "Out Time" in MyTime for each day a student was scheduled to have worked, regardless of whether the student is normally paid through Federal Work Study or through Departmental funds.
  • Student supervisors must approve the time each pay period. This will ensure that students will continue to receive wages that they rely on.
  • Student supervisors must complete the timesheet certification to ensure a student’s pay is charged to FWS; if the certification is not completed, a student’s pay will be charged to the default departmental chartfield.
  • If a student runs out of work study funding, they should reach out to the Office of Financial Aid by email at financial.aid@nyu.edu or call 212-998-4444 and ask if they are eligible for an increase in Federal Work Study funds.
  • If a department runs out of the money in their FWS budget line, they should speak with their Finance Officer to request an increase from the Budget Office.  
For questions regarding MyTime, please contact PeopleLink at askpeoplelink@nyu.edu or 212-992-LINK (5465).
For questions regarding student employment more generally, please contact the Wasserman Center at oncampusemployment@nyu.edu or 212-998-4758.