All NYU New York students (domestic and international) must reside in the U.S. to be hired for on-campus positions.

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Effective July 5, 2022: The Student Employment Team will be utilizing the Student Employment Contact Form as the primary email communication tool for online services and support regarding on-campus employment at NYU. Please use the contact form to submit your query to us for assistance regarding on-campus employment.

Since Wasserman is operating on a hybrid model, we encourage students and on-campus supervisors to use our online email services by filling out our contact form to optimize service. For further assistance, you can contact us by phone and at our in-person office locations in Union Square or in Brooklyn.

If you are a non-NYU employer seeking to verify a student's on-campus employment, send an email request to Please know that our office can only confirm dates of employment. We do not provide subjective information such as job performance reviews or recommendations to hire students. Consider reaching out to the student's direct supervisor and/or department if you need more information.

New Student Employees

Step 1: Complete the Initial Appointment Form

  1. Log in to Albert, click "Other Resources" at the top of the page, and then click "Wasserman" and "Get Started".
  2. Submit the Initial Appointment Form (Form B) by clicking "Agree and Print". You do not need to physically print the form. You may print a copy of the form if you need it to apply for a job, but this is not an approved form.   

Step 2A: Complete an I-9 (In-person Process)

Begin the I-9 form and complete the W-4 and direct deposit forms through PeopleSync (NYU’s system for Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits). Log in to PeopleSync to complete your I-9, which will be available in your inbox or by searching for the form name in the search bar (i.e. search “Complete Form I-9”). This must be completed within 1-3 business days of your first day of employment.
Please note: When you submit the electronic I-9 form on PeopleSync, that is only the first half. You must come into one of our offices with your supporting documents in order to fully complete your I-9. If you do not have an approved Wasserman Student Employment Application (Form B), you do not have a completed I-9.

  • International students only need to submit the I-9 and direct deposit forms on PeopleSync. (An NYU Glacier account will be prepared for you to complete the W-4 and other tax documents.)
  • Undergraduate students should receive an email from PeopleSync within 2 - 3 business days of submitting the Initial Appointment Form B with instructions on how to complete the I-9, W-4, and direct deposit forms.
    If you do not receive the email within 3 - 4 business days, please check your NYU Home to see if you have been given access to PeopleSync by entering “PeopleSync” in the search bar or checking the Work section of your NYU Home. If you still do not have access after 4 days, please contact us via the Student Employment Contact Form.
  • Graduate students will not receive an email and should log in to PeopleSync directly to complete the I-9, W-4 (if applicable), and direct deposit forms, which will be available in your inbox or by searching for the form name in the search bar. If you are unable to log in to PeopleSync, please contact us via the Student Employment Contact Form.

If you have already been hired for an on-campus position and need to verify your I-9 in-person, feel free to stop by any time during our operating hours (no appointment required). If you have not been hired for an on-campus position, you do not need to submit a Wasserman form or complete your I-9 at this time.
Students must bring original, physical supporting documents for in-person I-9 verifications (no exceptions). Examples of acceptable documents for domestic students include: a US Passport/Passport Card, OR a Permanent Resident Card, OR a Driver’s License with a Social Security Card or a Birth Certificate. Acceptable documents for international students include: a valid Foreign Passport, a valid I-20 or DS-2019, and a valid I-94, OR a valid EA card.

Please note: You are not required to come in person to get approval for reappointment forms (Form A).

Step 2B: Complete an I-9 (Remote Process)

Per federal guidelines, NYU is allowing the remote completion of I-9s through an authorized agent which can include anyone 18+ who is your friend, neighbor, family member, or another adult. The intent of the authorized agent is confirming your forms of ID are the original and genuine (photo matches the employee).

  1. Access and print out the required I-9 and remote authorization agent forms. Instructions on how to fill out the forms can be found on a PDF within the linked folder titled "Detailed Remote I-9 Process Instructions".
  2. Once you have completed both the I-9 and remote authorization agent form, you must upload these forms and your acceptable IDs onto PeopleSync by logging into NYU Home > PeopleSync > Personal Information > More > Worker Documents > Add. Save the scans of your I-9 and documents under the category “supporting I-9 documents”. Electronic signatures are NOT permitted. Please be sure to upload your documents in one of the following acceptable formats: .PDF, .JPG, .PNG. Unfortunately, we cannot accept .HEIC at this time.
  3. Please be sure to fill out this google form once you have uploaded your documents for approval.

Once you have filled out and submitted the Google form, please allow 1 - 3 business days for review. If there are no issues with your I-9 submission, you will receive a confirmation email from Albert stating your form B has been approved. It will also include instructions on how to download your approved form from Albert. If there are any issues with your I-9 submission, you will receive an email from On Campus Employment with details and next steps. Please note: You must be signed into your NYU email account in order to access the form.  

Contact us via the Student Employment Contact Form or by phone at 212-998-4758 if you have any questions regarding the process. You do not need to call or submit the form in order to receive approval.

Returning Student Employees

All you have to do is submit the Reappointment Form (Form A).  Log in to Albert, click "Other Resources" at the top of the page, and then click "Wasserman". Your reappointment form will be electronically approved within three business days. You do not have to visit the Wasserman Center nor contact On Campus Student Employment for approval.
Please note: there may be a delay in approvals during the busy seasons (i.e. the beginning of a new semester). We appreciate your patience.
  • International students who submit a Reappointment Form must have a valid I-20 or DS-2019 uploaded to their PeopleSync for approval.



Students must be enrolled in a credit bearing program, have half time equivalency, or have full time equivalency to be eligible for on campus student employment.


Hourly salaries vary based on a number of factors; including the department’s budget and the level of experience required. Minimum wage at NYU is $15/hour for undergraduate student employees and $27.50/hour for graduate student employees.

Receiving Your Paycheck

Student employees are paid bi-weekly and are strongly encouraged to enroll in direct deposit (PDF) through PeopleSync, as it is the fastest, most convenient, and most secure way to receive payroll. (Note: this is separate from the Bursar's tuition reimbursement direct deposit enrollment.)

Students who do not enroll in direct deposit must collect their paychecks from their designated pickup location (PDF).  

It is extremely important that you give a copy of your approved On Campus Student Employee Application to your supervisor immediately in order to be entered into NYU's Payroll system. From the time that your supervisor submits your paperwork for processing, it generally takes 4-6 weeks before you receive your first check.

Where to Look for On-Campus Jobs

Handshake is a great resource for searching for student employment. We encourage all students interested in working on-campus to also call, email, or visit NYU employers of interest to inquire about opportunities.

NYU has a wide array of on-campus jobs available, such as: office assistants, photo imaging technicians, IT techs, phone surveyors, housing resource center assistants, tutors, newspaper reporters, medical assistants, gym personnel, sales assistant and more.

NYU PeopleSync

PeopleSync is NYU’s system for entering time worked and requesting time off. All NYU administrators, researchers, staff, and student employees in New York, D.C., and Los Angeles locations will use PeopleSync for time tracking and absence management. Visit for training resources and more information.

Benefits of Working on Campus

Working on campus offers many benefits to your professional development, especially for first time workers with little to no professional experience. These benefits may include:

  • Little or no travel time for students living near campus
  • Flexibility with hours and work schedule
  • Secure and 100% legal pay: You don't have to worry about scams or any other issues that students and novice employees sometimes face.
  • Little to no experience is required
  • Resume building and solid references

Last updated March 2022.