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The Wasserman Center Internship Grant was established to provide financial assistance to students pursuing unpaid internships in qualifying industries that do not traditionally pay their interns. The Wasserman Center offers $1,200 grants during the fall and spring semesters, and $2,000 grants during the summer. Applications are reviewed by Wasserman Center staff and representatives from various NYU academic departments along with feedback from the Office of Financial Aid.

The Wasserman Center Internship Grant is for students currently attending class on the New York campus. This includes students in fully online programs.

The Wasserman Center Global Internship Grant is for students currently studying away at a non-New York NYU site or through an NYU exchange program. This grant is only offered during the fall and spring. During the summer all students should apply to the Wasserman Center Internship Grant.

Please keep in mind that the selection process is extremely competitive and grants are not guaranteed. When reviewing submissions, the selection committee considers: quality of responses (substance, content, and writing), substance of internship, and demonstrated financial need.


  • Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree-granting program at a qualifying NYU school.
    • Note: Students receiving their degree at NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and schools not listed at the link above are not eligible to apply.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA. If it is your first semester at NYU, you must submit a transcript from your last educational institution as well as your NYU transcript in order to verify your GPA.
  • All students must be actively interning during the semester/summer when they are applying. Students must secure the internship prior to the application deadline.

Fall/Spring Grants

  • Students must be enrolled in classes or have maintenance of matriculation during the fall or spring semester to apply.
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours per week for a minimum of 10 weeks at an unpaid internship in a qualifying industry. Cumulative hours will not be accepted.

Summer Grants

  • Summer session enrollment is not required.
  • Work a minimum of 20 hours per week for a minimum of 8 weeks at an unpaid internship in a qualifying industry. Cumulative hours will not be accepted.

Global Grants (Fall/Spring)

  • Students must be studying away during the semester that they’re interning in order to apply.
  • Work at an unpaid internship in a qualifying industry.

Previous Applicants

  • Students who have applied for the Wasserman Center Internship Grant in the past can apply again as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Students may receive the Wasserman Center Internship Grant a maximum of two times per degree.

How To Apply

  • Find the application on Handshake using the appropriate Job ID# below.
  • Review application timelines.
  • Download the WCIG Student Form from Handshake or make a copy of the Google Doc and fill in the requested information. Save as a PDF. Note: You must be logged into your NYU email in order to access the document. 
  • Click Apply Externally in the Handshake job posting.
  • Respond to all survey questions.
  • Upload PDF versions of your current resume, unofficial transcript, and student form.

Only complete submissions will be considered for the grant. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

Wasserman Center Internship Grant

Wasserman Center Global Internship Grant

Short Answer Questions

The Student Form asks you to respond to three short answer questions. The short answer portion is one of the most important portions of the review process, so make sure to be detailed and informed in your responses. Each answer should be no more than 200 words.  

  • What do you hope to learn from this experience? How does this position connect to your short and long-term career goals and/or allow you to explore a potential industry?
  • Of the 10 Violet Ready Skills, what are 2 skills that you hope to build through this experience? Why did you select these skills and how will your responsibilities allow you to accomplish this?
  • How would you benefit financially from receiving this grant? Are there any other financial considerations we should be aware of in considering your application?

Award Decisions

  • Regrettably, we cannot provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. All decisions of the selection committee are final.
  • Incomplete applications or applicants who do not meet eligibility guidelines will not be considered.
  • If you apply and are selected for an award, you cannot change internships and still retain your award. Award decisions are based on funding students for specific opportunities and cannot be transferred to new positions.
  • Awardees who do not successfully complete their internships may forfeit their grant 

Tax Considerations

  • The Wasserman Center Internship Grant is awarded directly to the recipient. It is not affiliated with Federal Work Study or Financial Aid packages.
  • Under Internal Revenue Service regulations, the University is not required to report scholarship or fellowship awards as income, except for foreign students who are covered under separate tax regulations. It is the student’s responsibility to report any taxable amounts on his or her tax return and maintain records to support expenditures for tuition, fees, books, and other course-related equipment or supplies.
  • US Citizens, Permanent Residents, and DACA recipients: You must have a SSN in Albert in order to receive your grant. You may receive tax related documentation at the end of the year. Please view this tax letter from the NYU Tax Director for more information on reporting your stipend.
  • International Students: If you are considered a Resident Alien for tax purposes, you must have a SSN/TIN in Albert in order to receive your grant. Taxes will be taken on the stipend when it is issued. Learn more from the IRS (PDF).

Visa Considerations

Students attending NYU in F-1 or J-1 status are eligible to apply as long as they fulfill all other requirements for the grant and for maintaining their immigration status. Please contact OGS to learn more about authorization for unpaid internships and volunteer work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)