Defined as:

  1. Building knowledge as a result of experiences that happen within and beyond the classroom.
  2. Building skills to grow as an individual and professional based on reflections of these experiences.

An easy way to explore industries and gain experience is through on-demand simulations and micro-internships. All students can access unpaid on-demand self-paced virtual work simulations on Forage. Domestic students with work authorization and international students with post-completion OPT can apply for paid short-term projects on Parker Dewey. These platforms provide you with the flexibility to build skills and test out a variety of industries and job functions, on your schedule!

The following represent selected opportunities within the New York University community. Many additional resources, offices, and initiatives exist, especially within individual schools and departments. These may include mentoring programs, advisory boards, additional funding opportunities, and more.

We encourage you to meet with a career coach to discuss the Violet Ready Skills gained through experiential learning and how to articulate them to employers or in application materials.

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Students with suitcases

Study Away

Learn and grow in an environment beyond your home campus.

people working together


Develop a new project, idea, or venture.

community service

Community Service and Volunteerism

Engage communities or individuals by giving time and skills.

two people on computer

Fellowships and Funding

Access support for experience, research, or projects.



Discover or explore a topic through investigation and analysis.

group of students working together

University Engagement

Connect with the broader NYU community for leadership and growth.


Career and Professional Development

Develop pathways for success through resources and skill advancement.