Departments hiring student employees for short-term and temporary positions, such as event staff, phone-a-thons, and work that has historically gone through temporary agencies must now post those opportunities on WayUp. Using WayUp instead of temporary agencies saves the University money, and gives our NYU student population the opportunity to secure flexible employment and earn additional income.

When posting your positions on WayUp, departments should choose from the following options:

  • Part-Time Job: Responsibilities take place in a short-term capacity where a student would work under 35 hours per week and for less than one academic semester.  Part-Time jobs can include phone-a-thons, website design, and temporary front desk/administrative support, just as examples.
  • One-Time Gig: Responsibilities take place in a 24-hour period. An example of a one-time gig would be student staff for a specific campus event.
  • NOTE: NYU departments looking to hire students for regular, long-term, and/or semester-long positions, including positions taking place over the summer, will continue to post those opportunities on Handshake.

Get Started

  1. Visit and click on “post a job” to create your account. You must sign up using your email address for free access.
  2. Follow the instructions to create your account.
  3. Provide a brief description of the tasks you want the student to perform and the job requirements, including the schedule/hours/time period that you need them for, and click submit.

Free of Charge

WayUp has agreed to allow NYU departments to post temporary jobs free of charge as long as the post is limited to only NYU students. This means that only NYU students can apply. Just like with other students you hire, your department will be charged the salary and related costs associated with paying the student on NYU payroll.

Hiring Process

The hiring process for WayUp positions is the same as the process for regular on-campus employment positions. If the student has not worked at NYU during the past three years, the student is required to complete the I-9 form by bringing in original supporting documents (for example, US passport or Permanent Resident Card) to the Wasserman Center.

Student Pay

WayUp does not handle any student payments. Only current NYU students are eligible for these temporary, short-term positions. Students will record their hours through NYU myTime and they go through the same procedure as all NYU student employees and are processed at the Wasserman Center.  

Talent Pool

There are over 14,000 NYU students registered on WayUp, including graduate students and international students. You will immediately have access to a huge pool of talent.

Reviewing Applicants

WayUp will notify you when your job posting is live and you can review student applicants. You can go back to to view and message your applicants.

It is best practice to interview applicants to confirm the applicant has the appropriate skills required by the NYU department.


For now, these temporary positions must be NYU-affiliated and paid through NYU funds.