The On-Campus Interviews (OCI) program assists employers with scheduling and holding interviews for full-time positions and paid summer internships with NYU students.

OCI operates in both the fall and spring semesters. This year, OCI will be operating under a hybrid model. Organizations can choose to either conduct interviews in person at the Wasserman Center, or to interview NYU students virtually on the platform of their choice.

OCI Student Eligibility

  • NYU undergraduate and graduate degree candidates (except MBA, Law, Medicine, and Dentistry students) are eligible to participate.
  • Students in the class of 2024 are eligible for full-time OCI positions.
    • December graduates maintain OCI privileges throughout the spring semester.
  • Students in the class of 2025 are eligible for summer internships.

NYU sophomores are not eligible for On-Campus Interviews. The Wasserman Center will not make exceptions for students in the class of 2026 to interview on-campus. Employers who would like to interview sophomores through OCI will be required to conduct external interviews with these candidates.

Visit NYU Academics for detailed information about schools and majors.

Benefits of On-Campus Interviews

Scheduling Expertise

For on-site (Pre-select) interviews, the NYU Recruitment team takes care of coordinating your interview schedule and preparing interview packets with your finalized interview schedule and the NYU student interviewees' resumes.

On-Site Facilities

  • Meet face-to-face with NYU student talent at the Wasserman Center during on-campus interviews
  • 20 interview rooms
  • Employer Business Center with coffee, espresso, tea
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Secure Wi-Fi access

Virtual Interviewing

Utilize Handshake to seamlessly schedule and conduct virtual interviews with NYU candidates using the Handshake “Room Reservation Only” interview tool.

  • For our Employer Partners, our Recruitment team will take care of all the virtual scheduling for you.

OCI Interview Formats

Under our hybrid OCI model, there are three types of interview formats available to you.

In-Person @ NYU: Preselect-to-Alternate Schedule

After the 30-day job application period ends, choose the first and second choice candidates you'd like to interview on-site on your selected date. Our team handles scheduling and coordinating student interviews based on your schedule preferences to make the experience seamless for you.

Note: NYU’s Preselect to Alternate Model is exclusively available for in-person interviews at the Wasserman Center.

Preselect-to-Alternate Schedule Instructions (On Site)

In-Person @ NYU: Room Reservation Only Schedule

You coordinate the entire candidate selection and interview scheduling process on your own, without support from the Wasserman team. We will reserve the amount of requested rooms at our offices for you to conduct your on-site interviews with students on your selected date.

Virtual: Room Reservation Only Schedule

You coordinate the entire candidate selection and interview scheduling process on your own via Handshake, without support from the Wasserman team. After the job application deadline, interview students virtually on the platform of your choice.

OCI Policies

Fall 2023 Recruitment Dates

(*no interviews or events)

  • September 5th: Fall term classes begin
  • September 6th: Employer presentations begin (full-time and internship)
  • September 11th: Interviews begin (full-time and internship)
  • September 15: Fall 2023 Job & Internship Fair*
  • September 25: No interviews or events
  • October 9: NYU Fall Break*
  • November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break*
  • December 15: Last day of classes, interviews & employer presentations

Spring 2024 Recruitment Dates

  • January 23: Spring classes begin; Employer presentations begin
  • January 29: Interviews begin (full-time and internship)
  • February 14: NYU Spring Internship Fair (in-person)
  • February 19: Presidents' Day*
  • March 18-22: NYU Spring Break*
  • April 3: NYU Spring Job Fair (in-person)
  • May 6: Last day of spring classes; Last day of employer presentations & interviews


There is no fee for on-campus interviews.