NYU departments must follow these 3 steps before a student employee can begin working in an on-campus position. Please allow 1-2 weeks between the job offer and start date to allow sufficient time for the student appointment to be processed.

For any questions or concerns contact us via the Student Employment Contact Form or call 212-998-4758 (Union Square) or 646-997-5994 (Brooklyn).

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1) Advertise On-Campus Positions

All on-campus student positions must be posted to Handshake before a student can be hired into the position.


Post regular, long-term, and/or semester-long on-campus employment positions, including positions taking place over the summer on Handshake

Creating an On Campus Employer Account

The Handshake Log-in for On Campus Employers document contains up-to-date instructions for creating your on-campus employer profile. Please consult this resource first when creating an account. Quick instructions are provided below.

In order to post on campus job opportunities, please create your Handshake Employer profile and follow the prompts to join the New York University On Campus Account.

  • Step 1: Select Employer from the registration page. Input your NetID email and your preferred password
  • Step 2: Select the fields of study from which you are interested in hiring students (selections can be updated from your profile settings)
  • Step 3: Agree to Handshake's employer guidelines. We are not a third party recruiter - click: “No”.
  • Step 4: Confirm your email address (visit your NYU inbox)
  • Step 5: In Handshake, select New York University to recruit from and click:
    • "Finish" as NYU is the only school we will post to for on-campus employment

Job Posting Tips

  • Review the On-Campus Job Posting Instructions, to ensure you have all of the required information to get your job posting started
  • Once submitted, we will approve your job posting within 48 hours for students to view

Allowing Additional Contacts To Review Resumes

  • We’re excited to announce that Handshake has a feature to email application packages to contacts who do not have an Employer profile to post jobs
  • The process for adding an additional contact (called “external contact” in Handshake) to receive application packages is outlined in the On-Campus Job Posting Instructions

Candidate Tracking

  • To support communications with students, Handshake has a robust candidate tracking process, which allows each job poster to update the hiring status of applicants and message them if desired
  • These steps can be completed individually or in batches to streamline tracking for the On-campus Employer
  • Visit the Candidate Tracking Instructions for guidance

2) Meet with Student & Make Job Offer

After interviewing and making a job offer to the student, the hiring manager should meet with the student to complete required hiring forms.

3) Hire Student Employee

Before a student can begin working, they must be hired into a job in PeopleSync, NYU's HR system. Follow the instructions below to initiate the hire.

Hiring Departments from Administrative Units or Steinhardt

  • Advise student to submit a Form B (has never worked on-campus before) or Form A (has worked on-campus before) by going to Albert > Other resources > Wasserman > Get started. If the student has never worked on-campus before, they must visit our office to complete their I-9. During their visit, we will approve their form (Form B). If the student has worked on-campus before (Form A), our team will review the I-9 we have on file and make sure that the student is enrolled. If valid, we will approve their Form A submission electronically and the student will receive an email from Albert with the approval. Students are then instructed to provide their approved forms to their supervisor. 
  • Once the hiring manager or supervisor receives an approved Wasserman Form with our signature (Form B or Form A), submit a Student Appointment Form. An approved Wasserman Form indicates that the student has a valid I-9 on file, is enrolled, and is eligible to work. 
  • The hiring manager will receive an email notification when the job has been entered in PeopleSync.

Hiring Departments from Schools

Submit the student hire to your school HR department with the following information:

  • Copies of valid I-9 documentation (semi-monthly-paid students only)
  • Labor Law Form signed by hiring manager and student (hourly-paid students only)
  • Any forms required by your school
  • Your HR department will enter the student job in PeopleSync.

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