All employer events for Spring 2021 will be held virtually due to COVID-19. Utilize the contact information below to set up your virtual event.

Build our brand and connect with us! We have many great opportunities for you to meet with top NYU talent for all your recruiting needs. Reach out to to start hiring NYU talent today!

Complimentary Services

Job Postings

Free online job and internship listing through Handshake, used by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni.

On-Campus Interviews for NYU Students (Virtual for Spring 2021)

Interview students in our state of the art space. Access our space which includes 23 interview rooms to conduct interviews on the New York University campus for full-time positions and paid summer internships during the academic year.

Career Education & Networking Events

We believe employers bring a valuable and unique perspective to students’ career exploration and development. Regardless of your current recruiting needs, we welcome your involvement in career development activities to stay connected to NYU students and build your brand on-campus. Some examples of past events are included below:

  • Boot Camps, Navigating Identities, Career Conversations, Women’s Networking Night

Organization Site Visits

Bring NYU student talent to your organization for an insider view. Visits range from 1-hour to a full-day experience and might include an office tour, alumni or employee panel, case activities, project/product demonstration, and position shadowing. Visits are tailored to meet your organization's space and recruitment needs.

Social Media Takeovers

Share a day in the life at your organization. Build your organization’s brand, while cross-promoting open positions or promoting an upcoming event or information session using our @NYUWasserman handle to engage with students in a twitter take-over or Insta-Stories take-over to give students an insider view.

Blog Posts

Become a guest blogger! Create quick posts by providing inside information about your industry, your career or job search story, networking tips, or current NYU alum spotlight within your organization. We can work with you on a topic that works for you and your recruiting needs.  Check out examples of employer blogs.

Signature Events & Services

Tabling Events (Not available for Spring 2021)

Receive two tables for two hours in our Palladium Building Lobby which sees high foot traffic for the gym, residence hall, Wasserman Center, and Dining Hall. Discuss company culture, desired candidates, and enjoy networking the NYU talent in this casual atmosphere. $100

Select Industry Meet-Ups

Join 3-5 other organizations from your industry to speak with students and share more information about opportunities you have available and interact with top NYU talent. $150

Coffee Chats (Virtual for Spring 2021)

Coffee chats are virtual informational gatherings designed to offer students the opportunity to connect with a representative from your organization in a small informal group setting. With no formal presentation, students are encouraged to “stop by” with questions, and are welcome to come and go as they wish.
Marketing and administrative support provided. Conducted through the Wasserman Zoom account. $100

Information Sessions/Corporate Presentations (Virtual for Spring 2021)

Information sessions can take place virtually on the platform of your choice; however, we encourage you to use our office’s Zoom platform if the event is open exclusively to NYU students to maximize student participation and to maintain an accurate attendance record. We recommend a 60 minute time slot for each event. Platform coordination, scheduling, and marketing included. Please add your virtual information session as an event on Handshake and share with NYU students. Once you add the event to Handshake a member of our team will follow up with you to provide more details. $200-$250.

Broad Impact and Niche Career Fairs (Virtual for Spring 2021)

Career Fairs are unique and convenient opportunities to meet with a large number of motivated and interested students. Participating in a virtual career fair is an excellent way for organizations to gain visibility on-campus, build your brand, and maximize recruiting potential at NYU. $250-$550

Select Diversity Programs

Engage with top NYU students by sponsoring or attending one of the following programs targeted at underrepresented groups. Programs include:
Diversity Internship Career & Prep Program (DICP), First Class Program (First Generation Student Mentorship Program), Women’s Herstory Month Series, Queer Connect Networking Night, Navigating Identities (Finance, Tech, Entertainment, Media, & Communications). $1000-$5000

Career Center Takeover (Not available for Spring 2021) 

Take over our Union Square state of the art office for a day to have your brand and opportunities in front of students in all forms of engagement. Recruit professionals from your organization to engage in activities that include: resume reviews, mock interviews, tabling, networking information sessions and more! Your logo and swag will be included throughout the office as well. $3500/half day. $5000/full day.

Social Media Job & Event Promotion

Build your brand and reach a wider audience. Have your current job posting or upcoming event promoted on Wasserman Social Media channels. Reach over 20,000+ followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through this great way to reach a wide and broad audience. $100