Partnering with student organizations is an authentic and powerful strategy to promote your company's brand on campus, build your talent pipeline, and enhance NYU students’ professional development. Start by asking your internal NYU alumni and recent interns for recommendations, or review the resources below to discover an organization that meets your needs.

Wasserman Employer and Club Partner Program (ECP)

The Wasserman Employer and Club Partner Program (ECP) facilitates direct connections between invested employers and selected NYU student clubs or organizations. Club members lead engagement with employers to participate in club-related events or activities designed to enhance students’ personal and professional development.

To connect with an ECP club: Browse the list of ECP student organizations below. This list is growing and more student organizations will be added throughout the year. Once you’ve selected a group you’d like to work with, introduce yourself using the contact information on their website. If you have trouble making contact or would like more support in partnering with a club, email


  • The Wasserman Center does not provide employer contact information to students. Employers must initiate communications with ECP clubs
  • ECP clubs are trained to respond to employer inquiries within 2 business days
    • ECP clubs may accept or decline any employer requests to participate in their club’s activities or events
  • All events are planned by ECP club members, and these events must be connected to career education or professional development

The Wasserman Center:

  • Does not directly oversee any communications between club members and employers
  • Is not affiliated with any club event that takes place outside the office
  • Is not affiliated with, nor endorses, any fundraising requests made by ECP club members

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ECP Member Student Organizations

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