Create a Handshake Account

*Access the Handshake support site for additional instructions on how to use the platform.

Update Profile Information

  • Initial Log-In: When you log-in for the first time, you will be prompted to create your profile and upload a resume into the system.
  • Access the My Profile tab on the upper toolbar under name.
  • Complete all fields in the Profile correctly, especially your contact information and education section. If any of this information is missing, it may impact your ability to apply to different jobs or request a coaching appointment.
  • Always be up-to-date, truthful and accurate with your profile information and don’t forget to click Save within tabs.
  • Privacy: Upon initial log-in, you have the option to share your profile information with employers by selecting or de-selecting the checkbox under the “Yes, I want employers to be able to find and view my profile” area. As a note, Handshake will default to a fully public profile unless you select otherwise.

Schedule a Career Coaching Appointment

  • Under Career Center tab on the upper toolbar, select Appointments.
  • Click the Schedule a New Appointment button and complete request.
    • If you are a recent alumni who has graduated within the past year, please select a Recent Alumni Appointment.
    • If you graduated more than one year ago, select the Alumni Appointment option.
  • If you select a phone call or virtual appointment, you must also put your contact information in the notes section of your request.
  • To complete your appointment request, you will be asked to review and accept our Alumni Career Services Code of Conduct, which is available in the Resources section of Handshake.
  • You will receive an email confirming your request was received, followed by a confirmation of your scheduled appointment from your career coach.

Upload Documents

  • Select Documents tab on the upper toolbar under name.
  • Click Select From Computer button.
  • Label your document and select the corresponding document type (resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, other). Keep in mind that the employer can see the title of your document.
  • Select Submit.
  • To upload an unofficial transcript, copy and paste information from Albert into a word document and upload it as you would any other document.

Apply to Jobs

  • Select Jobs from the upper toolbar.
  • Select criteria to make the job search more specific to your preferences.
  • Add any Keywords you would like and click Search or select filters.
  • Select the type of jobs you are looking for (part-time, full-time, etc.) from the filters.
  • Select the job title and Apply button, then select documents from corresponding drop down menus or upload new documents and click Submit.
  • To view a specific employer’s job opportunities and on campus recruiting activity, use the main search on the top toolbar to enter the company or organization name.
  • Favorite jobs using the button option next to a position title in a posting.
  • Check out the Job Search Guide for more detailed instructions.

Register for Events

  • Select Events from the upper toolbar.
  • Select Event Search and enter "Alumni" into the search field on the right hand side.
  • Select the event you are interested in.
  • Click RSVP button.
  • Once you click the RSVP button, you may be redirected to an external registration form. Please fill out all the required fields and submit form to complete your registration.
Please email for any NYU Wasserman related questions pertaining to your account.