There are many ways to share your expertise and provide career development support to current students and fellow alumni.  We are always  looking for representatives to discuss their experience in specific industries, organizations, roles, and how they navigate their identity in the workplace.  Students and alumni are looking to you to contribute perspective to their career exploration.

Share how you would like to support career development in our Career Supporter Interest Form.  Your information and ideas will be visible to the Wasserman Center for Career Development team so that we can reach out for specific events and projects based on the information you share. 

Highlighted Opportunities

Join Violet Network

Commitment: 1-2 hours/month

  • The Violet Network is NYU’s online community that facilitates knowledge sharing, networking, and mentorship among NYU students and alumni.
  • Join to connect and give advice to current students and fellow alumni. Update your profile and join groups based on industry and identity.  
  • Contribute to online  discussions and share resources.
  • Offer “flash mentorship” through conversations with curious students who are looking for NYU alumni to offer their professional experience and guidance.

Showcase Your Skills

Commitment: 1-3 hours per event

  • Share your insights and experience with students and alumni as a workshop facilitator, panelist, or attendee at events and career fairs.
  • Attend networking events and panel discussions to discuss a variety of career topics.
  • Present on skill-based topics in your area of expertise such as industry exploration, networking and application processes, or more industry-specific skills such as grant writing, portfolio building, or preparing for technical interviews.
  • Support navigation of Social Impact and Creative Careers through our Career Hubs.  By offering your experience and technical skills in panel discussions or skills workshops, you can help students find a career path that is influential and fulfilling.
  • Write a 3-5 paragraph blog post that outlines your views and experiences around your job search experience or any other career education related topic.

Promote Your Organization

Commitment: Anywhere from 1 hour to full day event

  • Host site visits and informational sessions at your workplace.
  • Share organization/company-specific information through a one-time event or online platform.
  • Connect with Student Clubs through the Employer and Club Partnership Program.
  • Design a project simulation to support student and alumni career exploration in your industry or role. Through Forage, an online platform for such simulations, you can support the acquisition of career skills necessary in your industry and gain visibility for your organization. Find details on the Forage Employer Page and access Employer Resources.

Recruit NYU Talent

  • Attend a Recruiter Ready session to learn about different ways you can recruit NYU students and alumni.
  • Post your open job or internship opportunities on Handshake.
  • Get specialized support and branding by becoming an Employer Partner.
  • Get support for project-based work via micro-internships with Parker Dewey.

Additional Opportunities

Provide Advanced Career Coaching

Are you a trained career coach and interested in supporting NYU alumni? Hold a workshop or group coaching session, provide written application review, or appear on a list of external coaches for alumni seeking more rigorous coaching. 

Mentor Students

Support students navigating their identity in the workplace with Identity-Based Career Education.  The First Class mentorship program pairs first generation undergraduate students with an industry professional to support their growth and career exploration. Explore Other Mentoring Opportunities and connect with mentoring programs across NYU.

Get Involved with the Alumni Association

Volunteer with the NYU Alumni association and give back to the NYU community across the globe. Become an alumni ambassador through Viral Violets, connect around a shared interest, affinity, or region through NYU Alumni Clubs, or participate in the NYU Alumni Global Days of Service, to name a few ways to get involved.