Our Vision

NYU students and alumni thrive as they build rewarding careers that help them to realize their ambition.

Our Mission

The NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development empowers our students and alumni to succeed at every stage of their career by creating opportunities for them to develop the skills, experiences, and connections they need to thrive in a dynamic global economy.

Student and Alumni Outcomes

Wasserman Center programs, services, and resources are designed to support our students and alumni to:

  • Identify a direction for their lives beyond NYU based on awareness of self and career options.
  • Develop the relationships they need to launch and advance their careers over time, including but not exclusively through the Violet Network and inclusive of global contacts.
  • Apply their learning outside the classroom through meaningful experiences that contribute to the value of their NYU education, promote understanding of diverse perspectives, and enable them to become inclusive leaders and successful in their careers.
  • Develop the violet ready skills needed to thrive throughout their careers.
  • Understand their unique contributions to the workplace based on their diverse identities, backgrounds, and points of view, and are confident in effectively advocating for equity, belonging, and inclusion at their internships and jobs; and have opportunities to engage with diverse industry professionals and secure meaningful employment in their industry and region of interest, including globally, that makes their investment in an NYU degree worthwhile.