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The Career Development Process

Whether you have no idea what you want to do after graduation or you know exactly what you want to do, we are here to support you in your journey.  Select your stage in the Career Development Process to find the programs and resources to help you reach your goals:

Explore - Prepare - Connect


Examine your interests, skills, and strengths. Identify your next career step.


Refine job documents, build your networks, and develop a plan of action.

Prepare Now

Land a job or graduate program; build and maintain a rewarding career.

Connect Now

While navigating the process, it is important to always be building your skills. Learn how you can become Violet Ready and stand out in the application process.

Explore Icon


Examine your interests, values, skills, and strengths. Identify your next career step.

Start with Explore if:

You are still identifying your skills and strengths and learning about potential career options.

During this stage:

  • Read about industries and job functions using Firsthand
  • Explore job descriptions (look at the skills and qualifications needed)
  • Conduct informational interviews by talking to people doing the jobs that interest you by reaching out to alumni on Violet Network
  • Take the Career Explorer Assessment to learn about over 800 careers based on your interests
  • Our blog will share up-to-date industry insights and feature companies that have opportunities available right now, direct from employers
  • Review the Wasserman online career modules to assess comprehension, apply your learning, and review helpful resources that support career success
  • Attend coffee chats or site visits to learn about different industries
  • Engage in self-awareness and reflection to think about your values and interest in future work
  • Listen to NYU community members share their career stories and how they navigate the professional world in Wasserman's All in a Day's Work Podcast

Move to Prepare when:

You have an idea of your interests and are ready to start building experience in that industry. You are ready to try out your field of interest and create a plan for achieving your career goals.  

Prepare Icon


Refine career documents, build relationships, and develop a plan of action.

Start with Prepare if:

You are ready to create and refine your career documents. You are building relationships with professionals and starting to build your network. You are ready to develop a plan of action for life beyond NYU.

During this stage:

Move to Connect when:

You are ready to apply to full time jobs or graduate programs. or thinking long term about success in your career. You are ready to take steps to reach your next career goal.

connect icon


Land that job or graduate program, become successful in your work, demonstrate professionalism, and continue growing your network.

Start with Connect if:

You are actively applying for full time jobs or graduate programs. You are growing your professional network and thinking about long term success in your work.

During this stage:

  • Use your network for advice on the job search
  • Execute your job search strategy
  • Evaluate and negotiate offers
  • Reflect on what a long term successful career looks like for you
  • Demonstrate professionalism in the workplace
  • Make the most out of your full time jobs by building meaningful connections that will help in your future
  • Stay up to date on skills needed in your profession
  • Join the Success beyond NYU Virtual series
  • Attend career fairs to connect directly with recruiters sell yourself using your 30 second pitch
  • Utilize GoinGlobal for international opportunities
  • Maximize Handshake to apply for full time positions

Move throughout the process

You will move through these stages at many points in your career. Once you have gone through all three stages, return back to them as you are ready to change careers, try a new internship, apply to graduate school, or even to just explore what else it out there for you.


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