You may need to apply for the cancellation or deferment of loans, forbearance, or for total or permanent disability of your borrowed funds. You can find the necessary forms through Heartland ECSI.

Your cancellation and deferment forms should be returned to Heartland/ECSI, at the address listed on the form.

Cancellation Forms

These forms are used for Federal Perkins, Federal Nursing (NSL), and National Direct Student Loans (NDSL).

Deferment Forms

Deferment forms are used for the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Nursing Loan (NSL), National Direct Student Loan (NDSL), Health Profession Loan (HPSL), and the Loan for Disadvantaged Student (LDS).

Forbearance Form

Forbearance forms are used for the Federal Perkins, National Defence, and National Direct Student Loan (NDSL).