The Office of Loan Servicing is here to help NYU students who are either graduating or separating from NYU and received a Federal or Institutional Perkins Loan directly from the school.

Loans Serviced

Our office handles all current and defaulted Perkins, Nursing & Health Professions, and Institutional Loans, including:

  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Health Profession Loan
  • Federal Nursing Student Loans
  • Loans for Disadvantaged Students
  • NYU Institutional Loans
  • Primary Care Loans

If you need help with another type of loan, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

Exit Interviews

An exit interview is required for students who have been granted a Federal Perkins or Institutional Loan. The interview will be conducted prior to graduation or soon after separation.

Exit interviews serve two purposes:

  • To provide you with the best and latest information about your rights and obligations as a participant in your particular Federal Perkins or Institutional loan program.
  • To clear you so you may be awarded your degree.

Managing Your Account

You can manage your account, payments, download forms, and find other information at Heartland/ECSI.

Repayments to your student loan happen on the 10th of each month under Heartland’s requirements.

Heartland/ECSI is the billing agent for New York University and services its loans.

Access forms associated with your loans.

Contact Us

You can contact the Loan Servicing Department with any questions at:
P: 212-998-2806
F: 212-998-2817

Or in-person during our office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm):

383 Lafayette Street, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10003