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Payment Due Dates

Each school at New York University has its own set of deadlines during each academic year.

When your tuition is due will depend on your school, degree level, and term.

You will receive emails about your bill and upcoming due dates through eSuite, either as a student or by becoming an authorized user.

Find out more about payment due dates.

Please note:

  • You must pay current and prior balances in order to register for classes.
  • If your payment is late or other arrangements haven’t been made, you may be de-enrolled from their classes. Learn more about late or nonpayment.
  • If you register for a term after the payment due date, you have six business days to submit your payment.

Payment Plans

You have the option to pay your bill in full or enroll in a payment plan.

Ways to Pay

When you or your student receives a bill at their official NYU email address (they’re typically sent monthly), there are several ways to make the payment.

  1. To start, access your or your student’s bill on eSuite.
  2. Then, pay using one of the payment options, including electronic or personal check.

Are you paying tuition from outside the U.S.? Learn about making an international payment.

Next Steps

After you find your due date, you might want to review a quick list of things to know, like how payment plans work and what to do if your financial aid doesn’t show up on your bill.

Billing Rights

If you notice a mistake on your bill or need more information about a transaction, you can contact the Office of the Bursar about your billing rights.

You must contact the office within 60 days of receiving the bill with the mistake.