Covering the Unexpected

Injury or illness can happen to anyone, at any time. It could require a student to take a medical withdrawal. You can protect your education investment in the unfortunate event this happens through the Tuition Refund Insurance program offered by GradGuard.

Tuition Refund Insurance is an optional benefit and is not administered through New York University. It allows a student to receive up to a 100 percent refund during the term of a covered medical withdrawal.

Key elements of Tuition Refund Insurance include:

  • Protection for the entirety of the semester
  • Automatic payment of eligible sources of tuition funding that include savings, student loans, college savings plans, or other means.
  • Coverage of lost tuition, room and board, other student charges, and other related expenses
  • A credit deposited directly into your student account

Tuition Refund Insurance is paid through GradGuard. Learn more and enroll.