Understanding Student Charges

In addition to tuition, students at New York University are responsible for other student charges that support their education. 

Some of the other student charges you could be responsible for include housing, meal plans, and student health insurance. 

Check out this list of additional student charges to see what charges you might accrue.

Tuition Terminology Basics

We put together a quick guide to some common terms you’ll see when going through the tuition payment process.

  • Full Time: Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more credits are considered full time. Graduate and Professional students are considered full time when registered for 9 or more credits.
  • Half Time: Undergraduate students registered for 6-11 credits are considered half time. Graduate and Professional students are considered half time when registered for 4.5 to 8.5 credits.
  • Credit or Unit: Each course is measured in credits or units. Both terms may be used, but mean the same thing.
  • Add/Drop Period: Every program has an add/drop period during which your bill will be adjusted based on changing your course load. You can check the academic calendar for the add/drop period for your specific program.
  • Withdrawal: If your program’s drop/add period has passed, you can use Albert to withdraw from a single class by selecting "Request Class Withdrawal" or from all of the classes in a term by selecting "Request Term/Total Withdrawal."

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