We’re excited to announce that student expense reimbursements and other payments (e.g. awards, gifts) are moving online. Transitioning from paper makes it easier and faster for NYU administrators to process and track your payments so you’re paid sooner! Bonus: moving online helps make a greener NYU! 

This process will be introduced across campus on a rolling basis, and started March, 2020.


How to Initiate Reimbursement — Online Form Access

  1. Contact your school administrator (admin) to initiate the reimbursement request.
  2. The school admin will generate an email to you with a one-time use link to the online form.
  3. Complete and submit the online form.*
  4. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your Payment Request ID.

*Remember to attach valid receipts and/or documentation (itemized, clear photo or scan) to avoid a payment delay.

Payment Info & How to Avoid Delays

Please ensure your direct deposit information and mailing address is correct to avoid a payment delay. 


Please refer to the Student Reimbusements Tip Sheet. If additional help is needed, contact your school requester or FinanceLink at AskFinanceLink@nyu.edu or 212-998-1111 for any questions related to your request. 

Your school requester or FinanceLink will be able to help answer questions that include: 

  • Where is my payment?
  • Was my payment issued?
  • When was my payment issued?
  • Why did I receive partial payment?
  • Missing or lost check (how to request a stop-payment)
  • Missing direct deposit (make sure your bank account information is current in eSuite)

Please note: Your school requester will contact you directly if your request has been declined, and/or if there is an issue with your receipt or other documentation.