Receiving Your Refund

You could be owed a refund after your student loan or aid is applied to your student account.

If that happens, we will automatically send your refund to you by direct deposit or check, unless there is a hold on your account or your account is paid for in part by a Parent PLUS Loan.

Parent PLUS Loan Refunds

If your account is paid partly by a Parent Plus Loan, federal regulations require that we send any excess loan funds directly to the borrower.

The borrower of your Parent Plus Loan can authorize us to transfer or refund the amount to you by filling out the PLUS Refund Authorization Form. Please include a copy of the borrower’s photo ID with the form.

The authorization is good for one aid year.

If you need to update the address on your Parent PLUS Loan refund, please submit an address change form with a copy of the borrower's photo ID.

Additional Charges on Your Bill

You may still see some charges on your bill even if you have been issued a financial aid refund.

This is because according to federal regulations, we can use loans that qualify as Title IV funds, like Stafford, PLUS, PELL, and SEOG, to pay your tuition, registration and services fees, and room and board charges.

But those funds can’t be used for things like finance charges and late payment fees, so you may see such charges on your bill even if you received a financial aid refund.

Be sure to review your bill and pay all remaining charges by the due date to avoid additional fees.