If the posting of your student aid or loan results in a credit balance, a refund is automatically generated and issued to you, unless there is a hold on your account. Holds can be viewed in the Albert Student Center. If your account is paid partly by a Parent Plus Loan and results in a credit balance, the refund check is issued to the borrower of the loan to the extent of the PLUS Loan processed.

Federal regulations require that any excess PLUS Loan funds be issued or refunded to the parent. However, the parent (PLUS Loan borrower) may authorize New York University in writing to transfer or refund the proceeds of a PLUS Loan to a student directly. Written authorizations may be sent to the Office of the Bursar and are valid for one aid year only.

Please include a copy of your photo ID with this form. Forms that are not signed or not accompanied with a copy of a photo ID will not be processed.

Updating Parent PLUS Loan Refund Address

Note: Some charges may still be present on the University bill even though a refund was issued. Federal regulations allow New York University to apply Title IV funds (Stafford, PLUS, PELL, SEOG, etc.) to pay the student’s tuition, registration and services fees, and room and board charges.

Non-institutional charges such as finance charges, late payments fees, etc. cannot be paid from your TITLE IV aid. This may result in a refund being generated leaving an outstanding balance on your account for which you are responsible for paying. Students receiving TITLE IV aid who withdraw completely may be billed for remaining NYU account balance resulting from the mandatory return of funds to the U.S. government. Students are responsible for reviewing their bill and ensuring that all charges are paid by the due date.