Registration and eBills

After you’ve selected your courses for the semester you’ll receive an email asking you sign onto the NYU Electronic Suite (eSuite) where you’ll find an eBill for tuition, housing and other student charges. You must pay your bill in full at the beginning of the semester or late charges may be applied.

If someone other than you, like a parent, guardian, grandparent, or spouse, is helping pay your tuition and other student charges, you can give them access to your eSuite account.

Helpful Information

Staying on top of deadlines, refunds, financial aid issues and more is important to your success at New York University. Here are some of the most significant details as you approach the billing process.

  • Tuition, and Other Costs: Students are responsible for tuition and other student charges each semester and are charged for health insurance unless an online waiver is completed.
  • Account Access: Make sure you and those who should be authorized to view your financial information have access to your account.
  • Due Dates and Making Payments: Know when your payment is due each term. You or the person paying your tuition can pay by electronic check, cash, cashier’s check, money order, 529 plan, international payment, financial aid, and also set up a payment plan.
  • Financial Clearance: Following late or nonpayment, your account may be suspended. You can check your status in Albert in the student center section under holds. Note that it may take a day after making a payment for a hold to be removed.
  • Dropping or Withdrawing From Courses: Read about the University’s refund policy if you’ve dropped or withdrawn from a course.
  • Receiving Refunds: Enroll in direct deposit to receive a refund faster.
  • Financial Aid and Billing: Know what to do if your financial aid isn’t appearing on your bill.

Important Note on Password Security

Never tell anyone your password. Not even if they claim to be a system administrator or support staff. Sharing passwords is a violation of NYU policy, and NYU staff will never ask for yours. If someone to whom you provide your password were to use your account in an inappropriate manner, you could be held responsible for their actions. If you need to delegate access to your Email or Calendar for business purposes, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Never email your password to yourself or anyone else.  There are programs out there that have the ability to spy on traffic sent over the internet. If you send out a message with your password in it, there is a possibility that it could be intercepted and then your account would be compromised.