Understanding Your Financial Responsibility

As a student at New York University, you’re financially responsible for tuition related to any classes for which you've registered. This includes classes you decide not to take, but don’t officially drop.

That’s why it’s important to withdraw from those classes before the semester’s opening day of classes. The Registrar’s Office can help you navigate the withdrawal process.

When you drop classes in time, you won’t be charged for the class.

Consequences of Unpaid Accounts

The University could pursue collection actions if you or whomever is responsible for your tuition payments doesn’t pay your bills. This includes referring your case to an external agency, credit bureau reporting or litigation, and adding collection and attorney fees to your balance.

The Office of the Bursar is here to help if the balance on your account isn’t paid by the end of the semester.

The Bursar can:

  • Identify repayment options that compliment your financial needs
  • Help you to set up payment arrangements to avoid further collection action

Keep in mind that all balances must be paid before you can register for future classes. Diploma requests will also be denied if you have a balance.

Knowing Your Status

If you’re unsure of whether you have any holds on your account or are eligible for enrollment following an unpaid balance, you can view or verify your enrollment eligibility in the Student Center in Albert.

Review the holds area or select "Check Registration Status" to confirm your standing.