What is the 1098-T Form

The 1098-T, also called your “Tuition Statement,” is a form sent by us that helps you and the IRS determine if you’re eligible to claim educational related tax credits like the American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.

Educational institutions like New York University are required to file informational returns with the IRS that indicate a student’s enrollment and to report payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses.

The form is an informational return for your personal records. You do not need to submit it with your tax return.

Knowing if you’re eligible for a tax credit is your responsibility. You can learn more about this from Publication 970 from the IRS.

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Receiving Your 1098-T Form

Your 1098-T is issued by January 31 of each year for the year prior. For example, we will issue your 1098-T form for 2022 by January 31, 2023.

You can receive your form in the mail or help us go paperless by signing up for electronic delivery.

You can also grant authorized users access to view your 1098-T in eSuite.

Understanding Your Form

When you receive your 1098-T, you’ll notice several dollar amounts in Box 1. Box 2 will appear blank because NYU is no longer permitted by the IRS to report amounts billed.

Amounts and payments in Box 1 include:

  • The total amount of payments received and applied in the calendar year for qualified tuition and related expenses. Amounts in this box must fall under the “qualified tuition and related expenses” definition.
  • Payments related to qualified tuition in the calendar year from all sources, including personal payments like echecks or wire transfers, loans, scholarships, third-party payments, tuition remission, waivers, and other adjustments to qualified tuition and related expenses

Reference an example of the 1098-T form.

Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses

Box 1 on your form will include payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses.

These are categorized as tuition and certain related expenses required for enrollment or attendance at NYU and only count if they must be paid as a condition of enrollment or attendance.

Some qualified expenses include:

  • Student-activity fees
  • Expenses for course-related books
  • Supplies
  • Education-related equipment

Some expenses aren’t eligible. Unqualified expenses include:

  • University housing
  • Meal plans
  • Health insurance
  • Transportation
  • Similar personal, living, or family expenses

Missing Forms

If you don’t see a 1098-T form Tax Statement section in the eStatements tab of eSuite, you may not be eligible to receive a form.

Students enrolled in non-credit programs are not eligible to receive a 1098-T form. Students only maintaining matriculation for the entire calendar year are also not eligible to receive a 1098-T form.

New York University isn’t required to report 1098-Ts to non-resident alien students. However, if you have a valid Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) listed within Albert, you are eligible to receive the form.

If you are a non-resident alien student, be sure to list your TIN on Albert in the Personal Info section. If you don’t receive the form, you can request it from the Office of the Bursar.

Going Paperless

If you would like to join us in going paperless, you can enroll in electronic delivery of your 1098-T form. If you select this option, you will not be mailed a paper form. 

To enroll, log in to Albert and follow these steps:

  • Under the Finances menu click "View Bursar Account." This will take you to eSuite.
  • In eSuite select the "My Account" tab
    • Click the "My Profiles" tab
    • Click the "Paperless Options" link
    • Click the "Accept Consent" button