If you've been assaulted: Immediately following an assault, call the Wellness Exchange at (212) 443-9999 or chat via the app and ask for the Crisis Response Counselor (CRC). The CRC is a trained, licensed professional counselor who will act as your personal liaison throughout the process of accessing care and services following a sexual assault. Not only will they respond in the immediate emergency, but they will also plan with you for any follow-up services and support you might need. When contacting the Wellness Exchange, just ask for the CRC. Although we are providing contact information to many offices below, if you prefer, the CRC can assist you in coordinating all aspects of your care.

New York University

NYU Student Health Center (212) 443-1000
Health Promotion Office
(212) 443-1234
Women’s Health Services
(212) 443-1166
HIV Testing and Counseling (212) 443-1122
Counseling and Wellness Services (212) 998-4780
Public Safety (212) 998-2222
Special Victims Liaison (212) 998-9829
Residential Life and Housing Services (212) 998-4311
Center for Student Life (212) 998-4411
Office of Student Conduct (212) 998-4403
Title IX Coordinator (212) 998-2352

New York City

New York University is committed to complying with Title IX and enforcing University policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex. The White House has developed a comprehensive online resource for anyone interested in finding resources on how to respond to and prevent sexual assault on college and university campuses.


no appointment required


(212) 998-4780



(646) 997-3456