New York University requires that students studying abroad as part of their educational program be covered under the NYU-sponsored health insurance plan administered by GeoBlue.

The school-sponsored GeoBlue NYU-Shanghai program provides coverage worldwide, including in the United States. The GeoBlue coverage is essential and the cost is included in the student’s Bursar bill.

The GeoBlue NYU-Shanghai Plan is effective from August 1, 2023 through July 31, 2024.

Waiving The Plan

Students who maintain other insurance coverage that meets ALL of the University’s requirements as outlined below, may apply to waive the NYU-Shanghai sponsored GeoBlue Plan. To learn how, review the NYU Shanghai Health Insurance online waiver instructions. The online system will open on July 15th and the deadline to waive is August 31st.

To avoid being obligated to pay for two health insurance plans, please do not purchase another health insurance plan before the waiver is approved.

After completing the on-line waiver process, you will be required to submit an attestation from your insurance carrier (not the broker) that the policy coverage meets the minimum requirements as outlined below. If the plan does not meet the criteria listed, you will not be granted a waiver.

The on-line waiver process must be completed prior to August 31st for the Fall Semester.

NOTE: Please remember if you are seeking to waive the NYU-Shanghai Sponsored GeoBlue Insurance Plan, you will not be able to waive the coverage if there have been claims submitted for your care.

At a minimum, your insurance policy must include:

  • Global coverage outside the U.S with a guarantee of payment to the provider eliminating any out of pocket cost to the student.
  • 100% coverage of usual and customary fees for all services including Mental Health and OutPatient Prescription Drugs.
  • NO deductibles and NO copays.
  • $250,000 for Medical Evacuation each year.
  • A bedside visit benefit for one (1) person up to a maximum of $5,000 for the cost of one economy round-trip air fare ticket to, and the hotel accommodations in, the place of the student’s hospital confinement.

Please note: Travel plans will not qualify as health care coverage to be used to waive the NYU-Shanghai sponsored GeoBlue Insurance Plan.