As part of a study away academic NYU program, all students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage that includes medical and mental health benefits. Most students areĀ automatically enrolled and charged a premium in one of the NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plans as part of the registration process.

Please review the 2023-2024 Student Health Insurance Brochure (PDF 1.5MB) to learn more about the enrollment and waiving options. NYU Los Angeles staff will assist you in accessing local care.

If you are considering waiving out of the NYU plan, consider the "out of area" coverage of your current policy, including the out of pocket costs and/or deductibles. Regardless of the insurance plan, please ensure that you have your insurance card and other relevant insurance information at all times. Please also take the time to review the out of area benefits structure, referral/pre-approval process if applicable, and co-pay policy.

For additional information, please contact Student Health Insurance at

If you are enrolled in the Wellfleet plans and searching for a specialist in the Los Angeles area, go to or call (877) 373-1170 and a Wellfleet Student representative will assist you in locating a participating provider.