An appointment is required to access this service. Appointments may be booked by calling our Allergy, Immunology and Travel Department at (212) 443-1188. 

Please Note: Travel Medicine Services are available for NYU students.

Are you faculty or staff?

Travel consultations are available by appointment to NYU faculty and staff for NYU work/business related travel. The consult includes the latest information about the country of your designated travel. Also provided are the recommended vaccines including hepatitis A, varicella, meningitis, typhoid, japanese encephalitis and yellow fever. Consults and vaccines are available for a fee. Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for these services.

The travel medicine staff at the Student Health Center are your travel medicine and vaccine specialists. We're prepared to provide you with the latest health information and immunization services for your trip.

  • There is no charge for the Travel Medicine consultation for NYU students. Faculty members are charged a fee for the consultation.
  • Travel vaccinations are typically not covered by health insurance. You will be asked to pay at the time of the visit or you may be billed.
  • The earlier you prepare for your trip abroad, the better. Please contact Travel Medicine Services at (212) 443-1188 as soon as you know that you are traveling to determine your travel health requirements.
  • We advise you to schedule appointments at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip if possible. If you are planning a lengthy trip (i.e. Study Abroad), an appointment with us 8-12 weeks in advance is advisable.
  • Please bring records of prior immunizations with you to your appointment if possible. This will avoid unnecessary cost and duplication of vaccines that you may have already received.

During your travel consultation, you will receive comprehensive information regarding recommended vaccinations and how to stay healthy and safe while you're traveling. You will also receive the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) if your travel visit includes Yellow Fever vaccination.

Your consultation session will also cover:

  • Travel Tips
  • Travel Safety
  • Diseases (i.e. Hepatitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever)
  • Safe Food and Water
  • Cruise Ships and Air Travel
  • Illness and Injury Abroad

Depending upon your destination, you may also need prescriptions for Malaria and Traveler's Diarrhea (may include antibiotics). Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for these prescriptions.

Additional Resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travelers' Health
U.S. Dept of State International Travel Information
World Health Organization (WHO) International Travel and Health