Invent to Inspire

Invent to Inspire (I to I) funds creative, innovative student projects that contribute to NYU’s commitment to student wellbeing and healthy living.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. The application for I to I can be found at the end of this section. Students may apply for up to $2,000* for their project. The week after a student applies they will be notified whether or not they have received funding.

*Struggling to restrict your budget to this amount? Reach out to for help and support!

Working as a collective, the Health Promotion Office will determine which proposals receive funding. The selection committee reviews proposals based on the following six areas:

  • Impact: How will the project inform and inspire students? How will the project’s impact be measured?
  • Innovation and Creativity: How will the project convey information to students? Does the project allow students to reflect and ponder the topic?
  • Reach: How many students will be able to access the project? How will this be measured?
  • Student Engagement: Are students able to interact with the project?
  • Relevance: Why is this topic important for students to learn about? How are students on campus impacted by this topic?
  • Detail of Application and Budget: Is the vision clearly conveyed in the application? Does the budget outline all the components of the project?


Wait, before you apply! A few more things...

If you do receive funding, regular check-ins will be required with the Health Promotion Office to monitor the progress of your project and a final summary will be required once your project is completed. Additionally, students will not be reimbursed for expenses that are not pre-approved.

The HPO will facilitate all purchases for the project and though students are required to submit a detailed budget, some vendors may be changed.

Finally, if any questions come up or if you would like to talk through your project idea, feel free to reach out to Kelsea DeCosta ( in the Health Promotion Office.