Today, 75% of people dream in color. Before color television, only 15% of people did.

Thinking about pulling that all-nighter? Letting FOMO keep you up too late? You may want to reconsider. Recent research suggests that sleep deprivation affects college students’ academic performance about as much as binge drinking.

Poor sleep habits can do more than harm your GPA. Lack of sleep contributes to higher susceptibility to colds, the flu and other illnesses. You’re also putting yourself at risk for weight gain along with high levels of anxiety and stress.

Not only is sleep essential to your wellbeing, it affects your personal relationships too. Sleep deprivation can heighten conflicts between people and lower levels of relationship happiness.

Remember, if you DON’T snooze, you lose.

If you're having trouble sleeping, check out the Student Health Center's insomnia workshop, held on the first Wednesday of each month. Click here for more information.