There is no magic formula for physical activity. Different people need different amounts and there are countless ways to get active. You can start anytime and anywhere: outside, at home, on a field or court, or at a gym. You determine when, where and how much.

Benefits of physical activity are numerous and they include:
• increased energy
• reduced stress
• weight maintainance
• mood and confidence boosts
• improved sleep
• improved fitness

Physical activity also can help prevent and manage disease by lowering blood sugar levels, improving cardiovascular health, reducing back pain, and controlling frequency and severity of asthma attacks.

There’s no wrong way to do it, except to overdo it. Being active shouldn’t be painful, injurious or unfun. Exhaustion, extremely sore muscles, painful joints, and shortness of breath are the results of jumping in too hard and too fast. It is common for people to stop exercising because they get hurt, are afraid to get hurt, or think it doesn’t count unless it hurts. However, any amount of effort is a great start and every little bit counts.