NYU Student Health Center is a Student Centered Medical Home.  What does that mean for you?

It means YOU are the most important person on the health care team!

We recognize that students are here for a short period of time and many have relationships with healthcare providers at home.  While you are here, the Student Health Center can provide the necessary support for your preventive, acute and chronic healthcare needs and collaborate with your PCP at home if you have one to ensure continuous care.

Continuity of care has been shown to be cost-effective, efficient and associated with better healthcare outcomes.  We value all of those things and want to work with you to ensure that you are healthy so you can remain productive and be successful in your academic endeavors.

Your Medical Home consists of your Primary Care Provider (selected randomly for you, however you can change this designation at any time for any reason), other medical providers who can assist you if your PCP is not available, Nurses, Medical Assistants and Receptionists.

How to make the most of your relationship with your team:

  Purple Team Green Team Blue Team Orange Team
Primary Care
Physician (PCP)
Jennifer Ongchin
Rachel Conybeare
Don Han
Esther Choi
Neema Naik
Dominic Biney-Amissah
Claudia Hudson
Debbie Cusack
Carlos Magalhaes
Linda Mueller
Lauren Kondel
Joey Fernandez
Angela Park
Elaine Berte
Kelley Delaney
Jennifer Kabak

Julia Reich
Barbara Pavelka
Zory Speights
Georgia Conley
Tatiana Kharina-Muyir
Jessica Dennison
Meghan Archer
Eileen Barrett
Viktoriya Gorbach
Darlene Vargas-O’Connor
Angie Roca
Jorge Horan
Emily Persad
Louise Green
Cassandra Phillips
Rebecca McCalla
Dianne Nieves
Clinical Aide Nancy Caleb
Stephanie Herrera
Janet Arriaga
Alex Mota
Felicia Medina
Women's Health
Marlene Nagler-Galvis Molly Meehan Elisabeth Newton  
HIV Counselor   Alyssa Lafosse    
Pharmacy Chris Pak Renata Smelyanskaya Shantell Green  

*rotates periodically