Services in Buenos Aires


The Student Life Staff can help students make appointments with physicians, specialists, or for exams. The following are private clinics frequently accessed by students:

  • Hospital Aleman
  • Emergencias Sociedad Anonima - This service provides home health care provider visits at no extra cost, as well as ambulance service, in the event of an emergency.

Students also have access to the on-site health care provider twice per week.

Mental Health

NYU Buenos Aires has onsite Wellness Counselors.

Andrea Bleichmar, Psy.D.
She, her, hers
Title: Global Wellness Counselor
Education: PhD, Clinical Psychology - 1999

María Pilar Racedo
Title: Global Wellness Counselor
Education: Psychology Degree, Universidad Católica Argentina, Bs As - Posgraduate diploma in CBT , Centro de Terapia Cognitiva, Bs As
Training: Clinical internship at Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martín, University of Buenos Aires
Board Certification: Buenos Aires License
Areas of Expertise: anxiety, depression, CBT
Gender: Female
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish


Prepare for Buenos Aires


Recommended Vaccinations

  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends Yellow Fever vaccination for travelers who are going to the northern and northeastern forested areas of Argentina, including Iguassu Falls and all areas of bordering Paraguay and Brazil. Vaccination should be given 10 days before travel.

First-Year Students

All first-year students are required to comply with the Health Requirements for All Students.

Additional Resources 

Mental Health

While studying abroad can be an incredible and life changing experience, it often takes time for students to adjust to a new culture, living arrangements, routine, food, language and social setting. It is normal to feel emotionally out of sorts at times while adjusting to study abroad and this can be good time to reach out for extra support.

Prior to departure for study abroad in Buenos Aires, students are strongly encouraged to plan ahead for their mental health care needs. For students currently attending psychotherapy and/or taking psychiatric medication, it is important to consult with current mental health providers in advance of studying abroad about treatment planning. Students are always welcome to contact the NYU Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999 or to discuss anticipated mental health and wellness needs, and may also consult on treatment planning when abroad.


Special notes for students planning to continue taking psychiatric medication while studying away at NYUBA:

  • Please meet with your prescriber prior to departure (one month advance recommended) to discuss medication plans for time away, to ensure the medications you take are available in Argentina, and to secure and fill necessary prescriptions
  • It is recommended that you bring enough medication to last through your study abroad experience, or to ensure that the medication you are currently taking is available in Argentina
  • Prescriptions from physicians not licensed in Argentina cannot be filled here in Argentina

The Moses Center for Student Accessibility

Students in need of disability-related accommodations who are considering global opportunities at NYU are strongly encouraged to contact the Moses Center before choosing a site. An Accessibility Specialist is able to discuss accessibility and accommodations at locations of interest.

If you have already chosen a site and are currently registered with the Moses Center, be sure to contact your Accessibility Specialist before you arrive at your site to discuss transferring accommodations.

If you have already chosen a site and are not registered with the Moses Center but anticipate you might need accommodations, please visit the Moses Center website to register. It is best to register before arriving at your site, but you can request accommodations at any time.

Health Insurance

New York University requires that students studying away as part of their education program be covered under an NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance plan. Students must continue to maintain health insurance coverage in their home countries in the event they need to return home.