The SHC Pharmacy is your prescription resource! Ask questions if you are unsure about your medications or have any other concerns. We are staffed by three Registered Pharmacists and three Certified Pharmacy Technicians who are ready to help you with all your medication needs.


Our services are limited due to COVID-19, but we're still here to help you with your prescription needs. We hope to expand our services when it is safe to do so. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Effective August 17, 2020

  • Our Pharmacists are available by phone at (212) 443-1050 to answer all your questions.
  • We can provide pharmaceutical counseling, drug information, and education.
  • We're available to help with transfering prescriptions.

Transfer a Prescription to Another Pharmacy

  • Contact the other pharmacy to provide them with the name of the medication
  • Ask them to call the SHC Pharmacy at (212) 443-1050

Note: Due to New York State law, the SHC Pharmacy can only transfer one refill per month. Most pharmacies out of New York State will close your prescription and you may lose the rest of the prescription if there are additional refills.


[Temporarily Suspended] Prescriptions can be e-prescribed, faxed, or called into the SHC Pharmacy by any licensed provider (including physicians, nurse practitioners, or physican assistants) or can be presented in person, in written form. You may also call or secure message the Pharmacy to request a refill for a prescription you have on file with us.

Traveling Abroad

[Temporarily Suspended] Contact your insurance provider a few days prior to your departure date so an override can be placed in their system. After you receive an email confirmation, call the SHC pharmacy and let the staff know how many months were approved.

If you are enrolled in an NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan please contact Wellfleet at (877) 373-1170 for override approval.

Insurance & Costs

Have your insurance card or copy of it with you for your first visit to the pharmacy so we can enter it into your computer profile.

We accept many prescription insurance plans for your convenience. If you are enrolled in an NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, refer to the prescription section of the benefits chart in the Guide to Student Health Insurance.

Ask the pharmacy staff to explain your benefits to you so you can calculate how much your medications will cost and if you are nearing your yearly cap. We can often suggest lower-cost alternatives to help reduce your costs.

Note: There are limits on some prescription benefit plans. Know what your limits are.