GYN Health provides confidential, gender-inclusive care—including exams, treatment, and information—to anyone with gynecologic (GYN) or reproductive health concerns.

Services We Provide

We provide a range of gynecologic services, including annual check-ups, treatment of gynecologic problems, counseling and referrals for pregnancy and abortion services, and on-site procedures. We offer in-person and virtual services, depending on your needs.

As part of our commitment to providing gender-affirming, inclusive health and wellness services, you can have your appointment with a GYN Health provider take place in a neutral setting,  such as Primary Care. Just let us know your preference when you schedule your appointment.

Gynecological Care

Our providers offer gynecologic care on a routine or as-needed basis, and you can book most appointments through the SHC portal, or by calling 212-443-1000. During an annual GYN visit, your provider will review your health history, perform age-appropriate screenings and vaccinations, and counsel you about sexual and reproductive health relevant to you. We provide Pap smears for cervical cancer prevention as indicated by your age and personal history (generally recommended at least every three years beginning at age 21 for anyone with a cervix ). We also can help you with birth control (counseling, prescription, management) and will offer routine and as-needed  STI and HIV testing, with close follow up for treatment when needed.

You can also meet with a provider anytime you have any new or specific concerns, such as vulvovaginal symptoms, menstrual problems, or breast concerns, among others.

We provide gynecological procedures on-site at our Manhattan location, including contraceptive IUD/implant insertions and removals, colposcopy, and others. Some IUD/implant services are available at the Brooklyn location as well. Any gynecological procedure needs to be booked directly with a staff member by calling 212-443-1000, not via the portal.

Birth Control and Contraception

Birth control, also known as contraception, is how you prevent pregnancy before it begins. There are many different types, including medicines, devices, and surgery to prevent pregnancy. Most  are reversible, while others are permanent. Some types can also help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Our providers can counsel you about different options and help you make the right choice for you. We can prescribe birth control pills, the patch, and the vaginal ring—and we offer IUD (intrauterine device) and implant insertion and removal, as well as the contraceptive shot and diaphragms. We also offer free safer sex supplies, including condoms (internal and external), dental dams, and lubricant.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is birth control you can use after sex. The emergency contraception pill, also known by brand names Plan B and Ella, is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy up to five days after unprotected sex. The sooner you take it, the better it works.

  • Plan B is available over-the-counter in most pharmacies and major retailers, including the SHC Pharmacy. You can search for a store near you on the Plan B website. It is also covered by prescription through most insurance plans.
  • Ella is only available by prescription.

You can also have an IUD inserted within five days of unprotected sex as a form of emergency contraception. To learn more about emergency contraception and which type is right for you, we recommend the Reproductive Health Access Project’s fact sheet on emergency contraception.

If you need a prescription for emergency contraception, an IUD, or need any other support, please call us at (212) 443-1166 or log in to the SHC Portal to make an appointment. If you need help after regular business hours, call the SHC at (212) 443-1000 to connect with our nurse triage service.

Emergency Contraception Vending Machines

Emergency contraception is available in vending machines on the NYU campus. Vending machines are accessible 24/7. However, machines located in residence halls are only accessible by building residents and their guests.

Vending machines carry the generic version of Plan B at a cost of $15, which is payable by credit, debit, or mobile payment. The charge will appear on your billing statement as “Vengo Mini Vending Machine”, but does not disclose the item you purchased. To see how to make a purchase, watch a demo of how to use a Vengo touch screen vending machine.

  • Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, Manhattan
    2nd & 3rd floor corridors leading to the lounge, beside snack/beverage vending machines
    7th floor, next to lounge
  • Lafayette Hall, 80 Lafayette Street, Manhattan
    Beside snack/beverage vending machines
  • Lipton Hall, 33 Washington Square West, Manhattan
    1st floor lobby, beside snack/beverage vending machines
  • Othmer Hall, 101 Johnson Street, Brooklyn
    Inside laundry room
  • Palladium Hall, 140 East 14th Street, Manhattan
    Inside laundry room
Image of a white touch screen vending machine mounted to the wall with the screen displaying emergency contraception for sale

A Vengo emergency contraception touch screen vending machine

Pregnancy and Abortion Support

Whether you need a pregnancy test or are looking for information and support related to a pregnancy, we’re here to help! Our providers can listen and support you, review options, refer you to our trusted providers to support or end your pregnancy, and help you get an appointment when you need it.

If you’re pregnant (or think you might be) and want to talk to someone about your options and next steps, you can request to connect with a nurse by calling 212-443-1000.


Abortion, also called termination of pregnancy, is when a pregnancy is ended so it does not result in the birth of a child. Abortions can be performed with medication (“abortion pills”) or a procedure (“surgical abortion”). For help understanding the difference between medication and surgical abortions, we recommend the Reproductive Health Access Project’s fact sheet on early abortion options.

The SHC does not offer abortion services on-site, but we can help you understand your options, refer you to trusted partners to get the services you need, help you schedule appointments, and navigate insurance considerations. If you just need somebody to listen, we’re here for that too. If you want to connect with a provider for abortion support, please request a call back from a GYN Health nurse.

If you need abortion services, we recommend the following providers. You can also search for an abortion provider near you on We can help you navigate these options and get an appointment on your timeline. If you need assistance or support, request a call back from a GYN Health nurse.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is the medical care, education, and counseling you receive while you’re pregnant. We do not provide prenatal care on-site, but our providers can confirm your pregnancy, talk to you about resources, refer you to a prenatal care provider, and review the health measures you should take during early pregnancy.

If you want to connect with a provider for prenatal support, log into the SHC Portal to make an appointment or request a call back from a GYN Health nurse.

To learn more about prenatal care and pregnancy, we recommend the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s pregnancy resources and FAQs about having a baby.


Many SHC services are at no cost to you. Others are billed to insurance and you may be responsible for a portion of the fee based on your insurance carrier and plan.

If you have NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance, you can review your coverage and benefits on the Student Health Insurance website.

Nurse-led Educational Workshops

Our Registered Nurses offer one-on-one workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Contraceptive Options
  • Gynecologic Exams, including topics like What to Expect With a Pelvic Exam or Annual GYN Exam and What is a Pap Smear?
  • Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • And more!

Workshops are available throughout the week by appointment. To schedule a workshop, call (212) 443-1166 and ask for a nurse appointment for a workshop.