Smoking & Vaping Cessation

This individualized, confidential service is available to all NYU students at no cost and provides a terrific opportunity to experience the benefits of a nicotine-free life.

Thinking About Quitting?

Congratulations! Just thinking about quitting is one of the most important steps you can take. But quitting can be challening; it's like breaking up a relationship or friendship. Quit & Win is here to help support you through this challenge. We provide information, coaching, and other support to help you deal with cravings, urges, withdrawal symptoms, and life without smoking or vaping.

How Quit & Win Works

1. Consultation

During a brief confidential introductory consultation with a Quit & Win Specialist, you will discuss the program and how it may work best for you.

2. Coaching

Individual coaching sessions and support materials prepare and inspire you to quit and help you develop strategies for following through. You may also receive some free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) if you qualify.

3. Follow-Up

Your Quit & Win Specialist will contact you by phone or email after one and six months to see how you are doing and provide continued support.

Options for Quitting

Quitting is an individual process. There is no one right way to do it. With Quit & Win, you will work with your coach to find what works best for you. Keep in mind your chances of quitting increase significantly with coaching or counseling combined with nicotine replacement therapy or medication.

Brief Informational Session

During the initial consultation, you will have a discussion about the program, various quit methods, and which track is best for you. If you prefer one session only, you will receive information regarding preparation, building support, medications, cost savings, and relapse prevention. There is no formal follow-up with this option; however, you are welcome to return for more information as needed.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

After the consultation you may receive nicotine patches or nicotine gum (if you're elligible) along with cessation information. If you are given NRT, your Quit & Win Specialist will follow-up with you via email after one month and six months.

Short-term Individual Cessation Coaching

You will meet with a Quit & Win Specialist for three sessions to discuss your quitting process including preparation, building support, cost savings, and relapse prevention– this will go more in-depth than the initial consultation. During the sessions, you will examine your smoking and general health habits, select a quit date, receive a Quit & Win workbook and NRT (if you're eligible), and determine the best course for quitting. After completing the Quit & Win program, your Quit & Win Specialist will follow-up with you via email after one month and six months.

Referrals to Other Services

After the initial consultation, your Quit & Win Specialist can refer you to counseling, hypnotherapy, or a medical provider (for prescription medications).

Get Started

Please fill out the Quit & Win Consultation Request Form.

Once you submit this information, a Quit & Win Specialist will respond to your inquiry within 48 business hours to set up an appointment.

Prescription Cessation Medications

If you are interested in receiving a prescription for one of the available prescription medications or prescription nicotine replacement therapies only and you do not want to meet with a Quit & Win Specialist, you may contact Primary Care at (212) 443-1122 to schedule an appointment with a provider to receive your prescription. The cost for this visit and any prescribed medications will vary according to your insurance.

Note: The Quit & Win Program does not cover the cost of prescription medications. Free over-the-counter NRT is distributed to eligible students when available.

I'd quit, but...

I'm under a lot of stress and it relaxes me.

Your body is used to nicotine, so you naturally feel more relaxed when you give your body something it craves. But nicotine is actually a stimulant that activates your body. Quit & Win can help you find other relaxation and stress management strategies.

I've tried before and it didn't work.

Quitting is a process. So, smoking or vaping a few times after you've officially "quit" doesn't mean you've blown it. You can learn to deal with slips and prevent relapse and Quit & Win can help.

It's too hard to quit. I don't have the willpower.

Quitting and staying nicotine-free is hard, but it's not impossible. People quit every day. Many people have tried to quit more than once, and tried more than one method before they were successful– but they have done it, and so can you. Quit & Win can help.

I'll gain weight.

The truth is that although many people gain weight when they quit, about a quarter actually lose weight. Weight gain is usually just a few pounds, and Quit & Win can give you strategies to help prevent weight gain. 

Quit & Win is coordinated by the Health Promotion Office in collaboration with Primary Care and Counseling and Wellness Services.