Sex& is temporarily suspended.

How does Sex& work?

Safer sex education will be provided through residence halls, offices, and some campus events (by invitation!) Students, known as Sexucators, will serve as educational resources, distributing condoms and information, and ultimately contributing to the creation of a healthier NYU.

Why a sexual health program like Sex&?

We need to continue cultivating a community of sex positivity and consent at NYU. How do we do that? We expand everyone’s knowledge about safer sex and increase access to safer sex materials to create healthier, safer and smarter NYU community members.

Interested in becoming a Sexucator?

What would my role be?

As a Sexucator, you will receive sexual health training so you can act as an ongoing safer sex resource to students within your residence hall. You will also facilitate events within your residence hall and across campus, based on student need and input.

Why should I join?

A few reasons….

  • To grow and flex your leadership skills (hello, resume builder!)
  • To infuse your sexual health knowledge with new expert voices
  • To receive direct mentorship from the Health Promotion Office
  • To receive volunteer hours (these would be arranged by the sexucator)
  • To foster community, cultivate a sex-positive environment, and support your peers

What topics will I learn more about?

  • Types of lubrication
  • Types of condoms (internal and external)
  • How to use condoms
  • Definition of sexuality
  • How to use and create dental dams
  • An overview of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • The importance of and where to go for STI testing
  • How to navigate conversations with a partner about safer sex practices and STI testing
  • Resources (i.e. Sexpert, Student Health Center or locations around campus to pick-up condoms)

How much time will be required of me?

Let’s break it down...

  • Training: Four hours
  • Tabling at campus events or within your residence hall: Four hours a semester
  • Ordering and picking-up of safer sex materials: About one to two hours a month
  • Acting as a safer sex resource for your residence hall: The amount of time will be dependent on how many students reach out for support.

Can you tell me more about the timeline?

  • Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis so feel free to apply at anytime!

Are there any restrictions on who can apply?

Yes! Right now, only folks from Founders, Lipton, Othmer, Rubin, University Hall, and Weinstein can apply.

If you do not reside in one of the halls listed above you can still be involved in sexual health programming here at NYU. Please complete this form to receive further information.