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We promote flourishing, inspire positive decision-making, and foster a healthier, happier NYU!

What We Do

We create initiatives on topics including stress, alcohol and other drugs, mental and sexual health, healthy eating, sexual assault prevention, and bystander intervention.

We provide interactive, engaging health information and resources to help you make informed and healthy choices while at NYU. We'll also work with you to promote activities that create a healthier environment for the NYU community.

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Hello, healthy! Our Instagram @hello_hpo focuses on everyday health. Our bright feed highlights NYU resources and provides authentic tips for living your best life.

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  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This year, we're going back to basics to bring you foundational knowledge about mental health.
  • Good Sex @ NYU, our sexual health podcast, is coming your way soon!

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Ways to Get Involved

Our office supports your health and wellbeing, whether or not you use other services at the Student Health Center!

Action Zone Bystander Intervention Training
Discover your unique intervention style and learn how you can make a difference.

Ask the Sexpert
Our sexual health educator offers confidential appointments for all your questions about sexuality, sexual health, safer sex, and intimacy.

Public Health Ambassadors
Engage in topics about health and wellbeing with your fellow students. Follow @hello_hpo to see what our PHAs are up to and where they’re popping up on campus.

Quit and Win
This individualized program can help you lead a nicotine-free life. Meet with our Senior Health Promotion Specialist to explore your options confidentially, without judgment or pressure.

Calm Corner
Follow our tips to create a calm corner at home to alleviate stress and stay present—or come visit ours in the Silver student lounge!

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Habits for a Healthy Life

Manage Your Procrastination
Explore our tips to stop putting things off and start getting things done!

Practice Regulating Your Emotions
Learn 5 steps for handling your emotions to find what works best for you!

Connect With Us

@hello_hpo | health.promotion@nyu.edu | (212) 443-1234