An innovative model at the Student Health Center (SHC) provides students with access to psychiatric medication services throughout their NYU career.

Psychiatric medication services are available to all matriculated full-time and part-time students enrolled in a degree-granting program who require assessment and treatment with psychiatric medications. This applies to:

  • Students currently enrolled in short-term psychotherapy (talk therapy) with NYU Counseling and Wellness Services
  • Students who currently are receiving psychiatric medication care in the community and wish to transfer their care to the new service at the Student Health Center
  • Students requiring a new initial psychiatric medication evaluation and ongoing care

In all cases, psychiatric professionals at the SHC will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for you and if your care can be managed appropriately at SHC.

Psychiatric professionals are available to conduct a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which includes screening for ADHD symptoms. For more information about this process, see our ADHD Assessment and Treatment Guidelines.

Getting Started

Students interested in a psychiatric evaluation will first need to schedule a brief 15-minute phone screening with a counselor. The counselor will ask you a few questions to make sure you are being connected to the right provider.

To schedule a phone screening:

  • Log in to the SHC Portal
  • Click Appointments
  • Select Counseling Phone Triage

Please note, psychiatric medication services are not available during Single Session Counseling. For assistance or to schedule by phone, call Counseling and Wellness Services at (212) 998-4780.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric appointments are available in person and virtually. For virtual appointments, you can speak to your provider on Zoom or by phone.

Due to state licensing requirements, the SHC is only able to provide virtual appointments (telehealth) to students who are physically located in New York State at the time of the appointment. If you are located outside New York State, learn about your options.

If you have any questions at all, please call the Wellness Exchange at (212) 443-9999.

Insurance and Billing

Students with NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance plans (Wellfleet) will have a maximum out of pocket expense of $20 per visit. The cost of care for students without NYU sponsored student health insurance will depend on their specific insurance policy. For assistance determining what this cost of care will be, please contact the Insurance Department at (212) 443-1020.

Please see Insurance and Patient Accounts for more information on billing related to psychiatric care at the Student Health Center.


Counseling and Wellness Services at SHC has always offered free individual counseling (talk therapy) to NYU students; these services remain free of charge. Counseling is offered without charge on a short-term and single session basis at Counseling and Wellness Services.

In addition, Urgent Counseling at SHC (Wellness Exchange) provides a safety net for students in crisis situations; same day counseling assessments and psychiatric (medication and assessment) services received through the Wellness Exchange will continue at no cost to students. However, medication prescriptions written by psychiatric professionals during Urgent Counseling at the Wellness Exchange will be limited to a 5-day supply to address urgent situations only. For continuous psychiatric care and medication management, students will be referred to the psychiatric services model described above, or to another provider in the community as requested. The Wellness Exchange can be reached at (212) 443-9999 or by chatting through the app anytime.

We believe this initiative responds directly to feedback received from students and families asking the SHC to ensure that accessible and affordable psychiatric care is available at the SHC for any matriculated NYU student in need of these services. Please contact the Wellness Exchange at (212) 443-9999 during regular business hours if you have questions about this model.