Our newest option, single session counseling, is designed to offer you a solution-focused, one-time session anytime you need a little bit of help getting unstuck and moving forward with your life.

Counseling doesn’t have to involve talking about your deepest darkest secrets for years and years to finally improve your life. Single session counseling gives you a springboard for finding solutions to the challenges you’re facing and making changes in your life now.

Sometimes one session is all you need! Single session counseling gives you the flexibility to schedule a 30-minute solution-focused session online anytime you need a jump-start to work through a specific life issue or concern.

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How can Single Session Counseling help me?

A single session is a great option for when you need to touch-base with a counselor occasionally, but do not require a traditional course of short- or long-term counseling.

A single session may be the right fit for you if:

  • You have a good understanding of what is troubling you, but you can’t figure out what to do about it
  • You are facing a difficult problem and don’t know how to resolve it
  • You are generally action-oriented and are looking for solutions you can implement now
Please note, we can not provide psychiatric medication services or documentation for accommodations requests during Single Session Counseling. Please schedule a phone triage with a counselor instead. If you need an urgent prescription refill, please arrange Urgent Counseling for a short-term refill.

A single session is helpful at addressing problems like:

  • A conflict with a roommate, friend, partner, or family member
  • Disappointment about a job or internship
  • A difficult decision or choice
  • Stress about balancing the demands of your academic and extracurricular life
  • Help strategizing a difficult conversation
  • Challenges working with a professor or classmate
  • Homesickness

How it Works

How do I schedule a session?

Single sessions do not require a phone evaluation and can be scheduled at your convenience through the SHC Portal.

  1. Log in to the SHC Portal
  2. Click Appointments
  3. Select CWS Single Session Counseling

What if I need more than one session?

You can schedule a single session anytime you have a specific issue and need a solution-focused meeting with a counselor to help get unstuck.

Single sessions are not designed to replace traditional short-term counseling or long-term therapy. If you need several appointments with a counselor to dig into your concerns and develop effective coping strategies, consider short-term counseling at NYU or long-term therapy in the community.

How will I meet with my counselor?

All single session counseling services are offered virtually on Zoom. You will receive an email with a Zoom link 15 minutes prior to your session.  

Due to state licensing requirements, the SHC is only able to provide virtual appointments (telehealth) to students who are physically located in New York State at the time of the appointment. If you are located outside New York State, learn about your options.

Who will my counselor be?

Single sessions are scheduled with counselors based on their availability. You may meet with a different counselor each time you schedule a session. 

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