You are responsible for submitting time sheets that are filled out completely, accurately, and legibly. You will not receive paychecks for time sheets that are incorrect or illegible. America Reads and Counts staff will not correct students' mistakes on time sheets.

America Reads and Counts at NYU

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New York, NY 10012
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We will email the names and email addresses of all tutors assigned to your school once we have completed our Orientation sessions. We require tutors to report to the school within two weeks of receiving the assignment, which we will include in this initial email. We will instruct our tutors to be in contact with your America Reads Coordinator prior to arriving for their initial visit to the school. In your meeting with our tutors assigned to your school, we ask that you assign them to work with one or more teachers based on their availability as well as the needs of your school. We do not assign tutors to specific teachers. Only Principals or their designees may do that. We assign tutors to schools and, from there, Principals make the classroom assignments.

This is a paid, work-study program, not a volunteer program. Tutors are expected to make a regular schedule and to follow it. If tutors are not reliable or not helpful, they should be reported to us and we will take corrective action. Tutors are instructed to dress in a manner that shows respect for the students, teachers and others in the school. They are instructed not to wear hats in the building, not to use iPods, etc. and to turn off cell phones while in the building. If tutors violate these instructions, please feel free to correct them, or to inform us if it continues. If necessary, we will terminate the tutor's participation in this program. Please let us know if and as problems present themselves rather than waiting until the end of the year.

Work Schedules

In consultation with teachers tutors may arrange any work schedule they like, provided they meet the following guidelines:

  • Tutors must work at the school on at least 2 weekdays during regular school hours.
  • Tutors must work for at least 2 hours or more each time they come to the school.
  • Tutors must work 6 - 20 hours/ week during regular school hours.
  • Tutors may work in after-school programs, but this work does not serve to fulfill the 6 hour weekly minimum.


Teachers must take care to verify the hours tutors submit on their bi-weekly timesheets, and must keep a carbon copy of all timesheets for the entire year.


We do not require tutors to work on NYU holidays, even if the public schools are open. However, tutors may work on those days if they desire. In all cases, they are required to keep their teacher informed of whether or not they will be working at specific times. This is especially true at the long breaks. For example, NYU's Fall Semester ends on Dec 14, 2018, and the school does not reopen until Jan 28, 2019. Tutors may choose whether or not to work during this time, but they must inform their teachers of their plans and have permission from the school for any hours they work over the break. Similarly, NYU's Spring Break differs from that of the public schools. Tutors are not required to work but are required to keep the school informed of their plans.

Tutors in the Classroom

  • Tutors may do any academic tasks with students that a teacher requests, in any subject area.
  • Tutors should be assigned only academic tasks, not clerical or administrative tasks (except on rare occasion.)
  • Tutors may grade papers, but only for students with whom they work. They should not be expected to be the person to grade all tests, homework, etc.
  • Tutors should always work under the direction and supervision of a teacher. They should never be alone with students. They may not be used as substitute teachers.
  • Tutors may be assigned to work with more than one teacher.
  • Tutors may have lunch with children or spend time on the playground with children, but may not be the person assigned to supervise the children in those settings. Tutors will be paid if they have lunch with teachers to discuss work. Tutors may otherwise take lunch or other breaks, but will not be paid for them.