Welcome, America Reads/America Counts tutors! We're excited that you've chosen to work with the program.

School Assignments for All Tutors

School assignments will be emailed to you by the America Reads/America Counts team. Once you have received your school assignment, you can look up theĀ directions to your school.

Bring the Dear Teacher Letter and Work Schedule (from your orientation folder or obtain copies from the mailboxes at Bobst Library, 1st Floor or Dibner Library, Room 223). Under theĀ Directions to Your School tab, find the name of the America Reads/Counts Coordinator, and make an appointment to visit them and set up your schedule with the school.

The Principal or the America Reads/Counts Coordinator will assign you to a teacher. Work out a mutually agreeable work schedule with your teacher, have both your teacher and the principal sign it, and submit it to one of the America Reads/Counts mailboxes. Make sure you keep a copy of the work schedule for yourself and give a copy to your teacher.

If you do not qualify for Federal Work Study, you may not work in this program and may not accept an assignment. You will not be paid for any work that you do in this program.

No timesheets will be processed unless you have submitted your signed work schedule.

Your America Reads/Counts school assignment will be emailed to you by the America Reads/Counts team.

Resources for Current Tutors

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